Nursing Home Niceties: What to Look for in a Future Facility


Nursing Home Niceties What to Look for in a Future Facility

Considering a nursing home facility for old age can be uncomfortable, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, no one likes the feeling of being dependent. Luckily, looking for some good qualities now can save you headaches in the long term. All nursing homes must follow the standard of care prescribed by state and local authorities, but some offer the comforts of home that can make all the difference to their residents. Here are some ideas of what to look for in a prospective home.

Personal Belongings

First, look for a facility that allows residents to have personal belongings in their rooms. In addition to having your own clothes to wear, keeping a wardrobe or your dresser from home helps to connect and make your space feel less facility-like. Art, decorations, your own blankets, and shelves of your collections from home will help make the facility feel more like a place where you can live and less like a temporary place to stay.

Quality Activities

A facility that employs an Activity Director is more likely to fit the needs of someone who is used to going out to movies, eating in restaurants, and even taking trips. These things are typically organized on a monthly calendar, in addition to activities planned within the facility. Gardening, crafting, cooking, game nights, and exercise classes can all be part of a comfortable nursing home life. As you age, these activities will be suited to your needs, depending on your mobility.

Caring Staff

Any time a family member is in the facility, observe the staff interacting with them. The caregivers in a nursing home are a direct link from resident to family, and they know their residents very well. Look for caregivers who are certified, interactive, friendly, and presentable. If you notice any signs of neglect or abuse most states have laws in place to help you get justice and the help your loved one needs.

Dietary Needs

A nursing home with a dining room similar to a restaurant will help you or your family member respected and dignified. Look for a facility that offers menu ordering or cafeteria style serving, instead of generic meals served to patient rooms. Meals should be an event where patients can get out and visit.


Great nursing homes are clean and cheery. You shouldn't notice any offensive odors or disorganization. Resident bathrooms should be cleaned daily, and there shouldn't be soiled linens in a resident's room.

The choice of a future nursing home facility is a big step in planning your transition from independence into old age. Be sure your family members know and understand your desires and choices so, when the time comes, you will be in a wonderful facility where you feel comfortable living.


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  1. Just think and look for everything that’s easy to use for your elders. like the chair that will lift them up to your 2nd floor. just make life easy for them.

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