The Great Adventure Kit from Seedling


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We love the outdoors and now that the warmer weather is here and summer break is right around the corner I'm always on the hunt for fun outdoor activities for the kids. Dustin and I had the chance to try out the Seedling The Great Adventure Kit and I have to say I'm impressed.

The Great Adventure Kit

What does The Great Adventure Kit Include?

Great adventures start in your own backyard. Brush off your explorer hat and embark on a wonder-filled journey. This handy outdoor explorer kit comes with the essentials to explore nature.  For $49.99 you'll get The Great Adventure Kit that includes:

  • Canvas messenger bag with adjustable strap
  • Real compass with mirror
  • Whistle keychain with temperature gauge and compass
  • Hardbound journal
  • Colored pencils
  • Instructions

The Great Adventure Kit

The kit comes with everything you see and it easily fits in the canvas messenger tote.  Dustin loves the journal because he can make maps of his adventure and draw pictures of things he finds.

For older kids, like Cheyenne, you can get a little more technical with map making and include a legend as well as write down observations.

Great Adventure Kit Compass and Whistle

The compass and whistle are great tools for the kids to learn how to explore using them.  The temperature gauge on the whistle actually works too!  The kit comes with a little how to blurb on using your compass and how to read the temperature. Set the kids out on an adventure to use their compass and take the temperature along the way.

Let the kids create their own treasure map for you to follow!  This is a great way of using their new compass skills to draw a map and lead you to the buried treasure!


Become an explorer with the great adventure kit

Is the Great Adventure Kit worth the purchase?

Dustin loved becoming an explorer and creating his own adventure with The Adventure Kit.  Cheyenne even joined in the fun and they took along a camera to document their little journey.  The messenger bag is a great size to pack a snack along with the journal and pencil crayons, they also managed to collect some rocks and sticks along the way.

I love how the kit got them exploring nature and kept them busy.  When we head out camping this summer I will be making a scavenger hunt for them to go out and explore together and draw a map of their adventures!

Great Adventure Kit Messenger Bag

The only downside is Dustin thinks the messenger bag is a purse so it took him awhile to warm up to the idea of wearing it to explore and carry all his goodies.

Add these from Seedling to your Adventure Kit for more fun outdoors:


The Great Adventure kit is great for kids who like to be independent and explore their surroundings.  They'll be busy for hours as they become an explorer on their very own adventures!


What's your favorite summer activity that keeps the kids busy?

Seedling Great Adventure Kit

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