All New Dreamworks Dragons on Netflix


The wait is over!!  My kids love the series DREAMWORKS DRAGONS: RACE TO THE EDGE on Netflix, so when they found out season 4 was being released they were thrilled! Take a peek at the perfect moment that is about to happen on Dragons: Race to the Edge.

All New Dreamworks Dragons on Netflix

The fate of Hiccup and the Dragon Riders is left in the hands of the mysterious Mala and the Defenders of the Wing, as they work to prove their innocence and create an unlikely alliance. With his elaborate and sinister plans beginning to take shape, Viggo will stop at nothing to get the Riders out of his way, including putting a pricey bounty on Hiccup’s head. The battle against the Dragon Hunters rages on when Season 4 of DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge premieres exclusively on Netflix February 17.

All New Dreamworks Dragons on Netflix


Who's excited in your house for the release of season 4?


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