Tiny Tots: 5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Kid Friendly


You can never be too safe when it comes to the safety of your children. You are their first line of defense against a variety of dangers, so it's up to you to make sure that all of your bases are covered. It's not always possible to control certain factors in public places, but it is possible to control the factors in your home.

Shield Them From Sharp Objects

Sharp edges are everywhere in your home. You can find them on the edges of tables, counters, chairs, and bed frames. Kids are likely to collide with these edges when they're running around the house or just not paying attention to where they're going. Corner protectors can shield them from these sharp edges.


Keep Them Out of Drawers and Cabinets

Dangerous objects are usually kept in drawers and cabinets, such as knives, needles, lighters, tools, and other sharp objects. Make sure your drawers and cabinets are guarded with locks or latches to keep your small from accessing them.


Schedule a Maintenance Check

Don't put off getting your heating and cooling systems checked by a professional such as those at Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Studies suggest that neglected systems can result in bacterial growth in your home, which can make you and your family sick. By staying up to date with regular maintenance checks you can save a lot of money down the road. This can also help give you a lot of peace of mind.


Eliminate Air Allergens

Kids are still developing their immune systems, so it's important that you keep their living environment as clean as possible. Smoke, perfumes, air fresheners, colognes, incense, and chemical cleaners all have the potential to irritate your kid's lungs. Exposing them to strong allergens for a short period of time can give them a bad cough, but exposure to these allergens over a long period of time increases their chances of developing allergies, asthmas, and other preventable illnesses.


Reduce Clutter

Kids like to run around when they're playing, which makes them likely to trip over something. Keep the clutter around your house to a minimum. Leaving a few boxes or miscellaneous items around the house might not seem like a big deal, but they could turn into one when your kid is running around and not looking where he's going.


You may be overwhelmed by the amount of preventative measures that you need to take in order to ensure your child's safety. Get into a habit of checking for small ways that you can prevent an accident. Parenting can be stressful, but your mind can rest a little easier when you take safety matters into your own hands.

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  1. I agree that childproofing the house can go a long way in preventing injury to kids. Safety locks on drawers and kitchen cabinets will keep hazardous chemicals away from children.

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