Moving your Family Cat To Your New Home


Moving your Family Cat To Your New HomeImage source

Moving with kids is challenging. Moving home with a cat and kids is on a whole new level. The kids will probably love it and find the whole experience hugely exciting but the cat may feel very differently. Here’s how you can keep your cat happy whilst you make your big family move.

Packing up your old home and transport

Your cat could be in danger whilst your belongings are being packed into the removal trucks. Cats are very inquisitive and it has been known for them to end up in boxes and in the back of trucks. For their own safety, it may be sensible to check your cat into a cattery for a few days whilst you organize everything and pack up your home.

If this is not possible, you need a room where you can shut your cat away whilst you move everything out. Choose one where your cat will be comfortable. Put their water bowl, food bowls and litter tray in there. Boredom could be a problem so your cat needs something to play with. The go pet club cat tree reviews show that this cat toy is a very popular choice for cats and their owners! It will give your cat something to scratch on and something to play with whilst you get on with the hard work. This keeps the cat relaxed and reduces stress. Indicate that your cat is in the room using a clear sign or the removal firm could open it by accident and let your cat out.

Do not feed your cat just before the journey to your new home as they can get very sick in transit. Feed them early on the morning of the move and then remove all food. Always leave plenty of fresh water.

Settling into your new home

Your kids will be very excited about exploring their new home but you have to be a little more cautious with your cat. Again, choose a room where you can lock them in for a couple of days. Provide them with their familiar bedding, food, water and cat tree. Small frequent meals are best at this stage.

After a day or so, your cat can explore the rest of the house. This is something that the kids can help with. They can get some of your cat’s scent on a soft cloth by rubbing it on their face. Then rub the cloth on surfaces in the home to transfer the scent. This marks it as the cat’s territory!

Leave it for about a week before you let the cat outside. By then it will have recognized the house as its new home and will be happy to return once it has finished exploring the garden and the surrounding area.

This is a time of great change for all the family and that includes your pet. Give them plenty of attention and reassurance and they soon settle into their new home.

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