Make These Crafty Cups for Your Next Kids Party!


My favourite part of the summer season is hearing kids playing outside and using their imagination. Feeding them seems to be the only issue since they don’t want to take a break to sit down and eat a meal. I’ve figured out some quick and easy tricks to feed the kids while they’re still having fun!

Snacks in a Royale Tiger Towel Cup

My newest serving dish is a Royale® Tiger Towel® cup! All it takes is two pieces and a few quick folds and you have a perfect serving cup for kids to keep their bellies full and keep playing. Just follow the directions below and you’ll be able to make these in minutes for your next backyard cookout!

Royale Tiger Towel Cup Instructions




Step 1 – Start with 2 pieces of Royale® Tiger Towel®




Step 2 – Fold in half




Step 3 – Fold the bottom left corner to meet the side




Step 4 – Fold the right corner to the opposite side




Step 5 – Fold the flaps down to hold the shape of the cup


A few kid favorites to put in the cups are:

1 – Fries

This has to be one of the kids favorite ways to eat during the summer, fries go with anything and if they can eat while they’re hiding in their fort even better! The best part is the Royale® Tiger Towel® cup keeps their fingers clean.


2 – Apple slices

We all love apples and they’re healthy!


3 – Burger in a cup

I can’t tell you how many times this has saved me from trying to get condiments out of the kids’ clothes!


4 – Raw veggies

The kids love carrots, broccoli and cucumbers! I keep a container with prepared veggies so they kids can load up their cup and head out the door to play.


My advice is to get creative; kids love it when they can have fun with their food. The kids love how they don’t have to stop playing to eat, they can just grab and go!

The best part is clean up is simple and if they spill or make a mess they have a Royale® Tiger Towel® in their hand already! Having clean up that simple is a lifesaver especially when you have a houseful of people.


For more tips follow the #TigerClean hashtag!

What are the favourite summer snacks at your house?

Chatelaine Tasters Testers 2015

As a Chatelaine Taster & Tester, I was asked to participate in the Royale® Tiger Towel™ initiative. As always, all opinions are my own.

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