The Little Feng Shui Of Fish Tanks That You Have Always Wanted


Did you know thaFeng Shui, born from ancestral traditions, can still be of great use today? As a way to change and improve your life, as discussed on a previous article of the blog, Feng Shui is a way of breaking down a place and creating the perfect Yin and Yang balance in your home and in other elements of your life. This ancient Chinese system that works with the interior décor loves natural elements, and especially water with is a soothing and relaxing element. So, if you are thinking fish tanks, you are right! And here’s how to best place your aquarium according to the Feng Shui philosophy.

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#1. Not Just Any Fish And Fish Tank: Be Carefulpasted image 0 9

Fish tanks are at the core of the Feng Shui mentality as they are a tool to activate and attract money and professional luck. Feng Shui masters consider that fish tanks can be used to bring wealth and abundance to a person, and this is exactly why fish tanks are common in Asian restaurants. As you decide to follow this practice, it is essential to pick a sustainable aquarium; you will find great advice on After all, if this is what holds your future luck, you’d better invest in something proper! It is also common to have nine goldfishes, where eight of them can be red or gold and one should be black. According to the Feng Shui thinking the black fish is supposed to absorb the negative energy.

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#2. Where To Place Your Fish Tank To Bring Luck

Using the most famous Feng Shui concepts, you should place your aquarium at the front of the house to enhance your money luck. However there are various approaches as to where to place an aquarium in your house, depending on its structure. For example, if the front of your house is a door, you should place the fish tank towards the left, still facing the door, as this is a lucky placement. But if you are keen to improve your wealth and abundance luck, a southeast placement is to be privileged. An east placement is designed to maximize your health and family luck. Until 2023, east and southwest placements are both said to enhance money luck, so this leaves you with a lot of possibilities!

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#3. Where Not To Place Your Fish Tank To Avoid Bad Luck

It is easier, in the Feng Shui philosophy, to list the placements that are not suitable as this is the fastest way for you to choose the best location. For example, fish tanks can’t be placed at the centre of your home as this is said to bring bad luck in health and career matters. You should also avoid a northeath position until 2023 as this can affect your health, wealth and professional luck. Finally, you should have no aquarium in your bedroom or your kitchen, as this will cause distraction from the main purpose of the room. pasted image 0 6

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