Lacking Confidence? Try These 4 Simple Tricks


It is okay to lack confidence. A lot of people feel like that. Believe it or not, confidence is something people work at. There are some who have this trait naturally, but it can be taught. The following are four tricks to boost your confidence.

Music Matters

Music can have a stronghold on people. The right music can inspire and make someone feel stronger or more confident. This may take a little research, but you should try to find a song that makes you feel better about yourself. Create a playlist that you can use whenever the moment is right. Keep in mind that songs that give you confidence may not always be your favorite songs, so just be honest with yourself.

Subtle Costume

This might sound strange, but try to come up with styles that represent something you admire, like a superhero or a profession you like. Perhaps you cannot wear the full costume, but you can tweak your clothes a bit. Your brain can feel powerful if you embody the image of something you admire, which is how you increase your confidence.

Cool Touch

Sometimes all you need is a touch of cool, and you can do that by using a glass pipe from a company like Thick Ass Glass or someone similar instead of a boring old cigarette. Pipes have a sense of prestige, so they should make you feel better about yourself, which is key towards restoring your confidence. Remember, this is just one tool you can use to make yourself feel cool and in control, but the tool you choose needs to feel right for you.


This is perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it really does work. All you really have to do is find a mirror and talk to yourself. Build yourself up and say all the things you wish to hear. You may feel silly when you start doing this, but it will start to feel normal after some time. Remember, talk aloud rather than in your head because the words impact your self-esteem more when they are said out loud.

Hopefully, some of these tricks help you feel better in whatever situation you are in. Confidence is vital for all sorts of things, such as a job interview or even a date, so do not take this lightly. Be patient with yourself because building your self-confidence may take some time.

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