Keeping Your Home Secure Without Sacrificing Style



Keeping Your Home Secure Without Sacrificing Style

There's no better feeling than having peace of mind knowing that your family and your belongings are safe and sound and out of harm's way. What better way to provide that sense of security than with a home camera security system? But who wants those clunky, unflattering cameras protruding from every corner of the ceiling? Lucky for you, securing your home and family from outside threats can be accomplished without sacrificing style. Here are five tips to protect your family and personal assets from potential intruders.

1. Trick People Into Thinking You're Home

Not only can you trick someone into thinking you're home with light automation, but you can do it with sound as well. Some companies have made it possible to install light automation that mimics your at-home behavior. Other companies offer this option if any motion is detected. You can even buy products on Amazon that mimic the lights of a TV or someone's voice.

2. Get an HD Camera Security System

In order to capture the best possible video, you're going to need a camera with high-definition (HD) picture quality. A wire-free camera system is a great option because you don't want a bunch of clunky cords and wires putting a blemish on your entire home décor. The best systems come with options such as an ultra-wide lens, night vision, two-way audio speaker-microphone and a 1TB hard drive. And because many offer a range of color and style options, you can easily integrate it with your interior design.

3. Get an Alarm System

An alarm system typically doesn't require much hardware, so you don't have to worry about any type of equipment taking up too much space in any area of your house. All that people will see is a small touchpad installed at your front door so you won't have to worry about it clashing with your entire interior or exterior design. An alarm system is a fairly inexpensive way to secure your home against intruders.

4. Use Motion Sensors and Beams

Motion sensors with added lighting can help deter thieves from trying to enter your home when you're away. Placing motion sensor camera security systems in dark areas of your home both inside and out is recommended. This can help alert both you and your alarm company of any danger before it reaches you. Place beams anywhere a thief can get inside such as windows and doors.

5. Add a Peephole

Adding a small peephole to your front door is a small but effective way to increase your home security without much cost. Not to mention, it won't detract from the overall style of your home. Not only will you be able to see who's at the door without revealing that you're home, but you can avoid unwanted guests and protect yourself from thieves.

Tips for Added Security

Test Your Alarm and Security Systems Regularly. Maintaining and testing your camera security and alarm systems ensures that they'll work when you need them to — in the event of an emergency. Because you can't afford to have your systems malfunctioning in your time of need.

Keep Your Curtains Closed. This might seem like an obvious one, but the more an intruder can see the more they'll want. Keep your blinds and curtains closed and keep your yard clear of any valuables. If potential burglars see that you have so many valuable possessions (like expensive toys, tools or other equipment) just lying around outside, they'll assume the same of the inside and they may make you their next mark. So keep your valuables hidden as much as possible from the outside world.

Now that you've gotten some ideas on how best to secure your home without sacrificing style, you can adopt these practices and feel safe in knowing your family and personal property are protected. Implementing these measures can give you serenity and comfort as well as boost your level of security quickly and painlessly. Get yourself protected today and put some sort of security system in place to guard against burglars.


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