Inspirational Ideas To Help You Throw A Halloween Party To Remember


Fall is just around the corner, and with it comes everyone's favorite holiday – Halloween! The old Celtic tradition has been celebrated nationally in the United States since the 19th century, following the arrival of Irish and Scottish immigrants. Although the holiday has its roots in Paganism, where followers use the day to remember the dead, it has evolved into a fun day and night for all. If you are planning on throwing a Halloween party this year, follow these tips to make your celebration stand out from the rest.

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Plan in advance

Send out your invites as far enough in advance as you can. Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year, so you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be a lot of parties going on in the neighborhood. Sending your invites out early will mean that your guests have plenty of time to RSVP and you will be able to get a clear idea of numbers. Get creative and make your own spooky invites. Writing your invitations in the style of a Ouija board is a spooky idea for an adults-only get-together, or adorn with cute ghosts if it is a family affair. If you don't know certain people's home addresses, why not replicate the same invitation as an e-card?

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Provide food and drink

Just as with any party, your guests will expect you to provide food and drink for them. However, just because there is a theme involved doesn't mean you need to spend hours slaving over the stove! Just a little bit of imagination can give nearly any food a spooky twist. If served in a ‘cauldron' type bowl, tomato soup can make a great looking starter. Anything with pumpkin in it is a good option for a seasonal main course – or stick to classic party food like hot dogs, except serve them with pumpkin fries! Dessert is where the theme can really come into its own, with skull biscuits and candy apples amongst many other ideas for you to peruse. If you're having an adults-only Halloween party, you can't go wrong with a fruit punch.

Inspirational Ideas To Help You Throw A Halloween Party To RememberImage source

Go wild with decorations

If you really want to commit to the theme, there's nothing like really decking out your house in true Halloween style. You can't go wrong with a selection of Jack O Lanterns, both inside the house and out. Just be careful with where you place them as they are, of course, a fire hazard. Buy some fake cobwebs and hang in the corners of your room, and scatter plastic spiders over any surfaces. If you don't mind a bit of cleanup the next day, why not pay homage to famous spooky films by writing in lipstick on your mirrors? ‘Redrum' is a classic line from horror classic The Shining, or run with the Harry Potter theme for a slightly younger audience. The best time to buy your Halloween decorations is directly AFTER Halloween, as everything is on sale. You will find that you save a lot of money doing it this way, rather than buying anything last minute.

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