10 Printable Halloween Decoration Ideas


Halloween can be expensive. Or, it can be economical. With a world full of information available on internet, you can make it a wonderful Halloween.  I picked 10 printable Halloween decoration ideas to get you started.  It costs you nothing as long as you have a printer ready. You can let your child have a lot of fun decorating and redecorating with these cheap but authentic decorations.

10 Printable Halloween Decoration Ideas


10 Printable Halloween Decoration Ideas

1. Pac-Man Garland: This ghost themed garland is the right choice for your surroundings to give people the spooks just by looking. A perfect match for your Halloween printed in black, it also tones up your cubicle or bedroom. You can buy your favorite spook be it the Pac-man, Clyde, Blinky, Inky or Pinky!

2. Halloween Party Invites: No invites. No Party. That’s the rule! To invite your crowd for a scary night, use the adorable freebies invented by the Hello Lucky. Print them out on cardstock and give them out. It is a monster party & you are invited!

3. DIY Sidewalk Skulls: Direct your guest to your house with an army of skulls lining up the pathway. Printable skull templates, poster boards and card stocks are all you need and you are good to go. Bring some chills by painting an eerie acrylic that glows in the dark.

4. Cross-stitch Halloween Art: As an alternative to the normal party décor, dress up your walls with cross-stitch patterns of skeletons and spiders to give some goose bumps. You can print out the pattern from the web.

5. Halloween Wrapping Paper: The iconic video game characters combined with lightning and rain drops go well with your spooky place and are also the perfect fun set for anytime of the year. The ghost and storm inspired papers are an October treats for the guests.

6. Spooky Owl Shades: The owl in black and whites appears, disappears and reappears with the lights making the skin crawl on your guests. The black and white owls are printed onto the papers and glued to the lanterns.

7. Ghost candle wrapper: Ready to create the haunted house feel with bats hanging around, spider webs surrounding the paths and creepy ghosts? The candle wrappers can be made to do just that Print the designs onto a translucent paper and wrap them around the t-light candles.

8. Cupcake Toppers Tombstone: Give Halloween the right amount of spook with the tombstone cupcake topper printout. Some websites give you the sweetest recipe to go with the spookiest topper. The cupcake with the topper is the right choice for your first “bite”.

9. Halloween Flag Banner: The flag is black. The look is spooky. The more amateur the work, bigger the scare. Celebrate the festival of scare with the flag of dark. Everybody, from your child to your neighbors will stare amazed at your handiwork.

10. Cat and Bat: What says Halloween more than a Bat printable template. Let your kids’ ideas run wild with these templates. Silhouettes are cut from these print-outs. Your window is the ideal dark place for the creatures of the night.

Scare, but score big-time.

One little scare will do you some good. Muah-ah-ah!!

What's your favorite Halloween craft?

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