How to Help your Kids Prevent Early Childhood Tooth Decay


How to Help your Kids Prevent Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Parents want to ensure that their children are healthy and this includes the health of their children's teeth. No parent wants their child's teeth to have early decay, but not all parents know of different ways to prevent the decay from happening. Following these tips will help to prevent early childhood tooth decay.

First Dental Visit

It is important to take your child in for their first dental visit between the ages of 6 months and one year. Once they have their first tooth come in, they should be seen by a dentist, like Village Family Dental. This first visit will help to determine if there are any dental problems. The earlier you bring your child in for this visit the better chance there is in preventing any dental problems they may have.

Regular Dental Visits

In order to ensure that a child's teeth remain healthy, they should be seen by a dentist every six months after their first visit. This will give the dentist a chance to clean the teeth your child has and ensure there are no dental issues starting. These visits are also a good time to talk to the dentist about any concerns you may have with your child's dental health or to have any questions answered that you may have.

Healthy Eating Habits

A good way to keep teeth healthy is to have a balanced diet and to limit the amount of sugary snacks. The more snacks a child eats the more likely they are to end up with cavities.

Use of Fluoride

When children are young, it is important that they have fluoride in order to grow strong and healthy teeth. As a child gets older, the fluoride will help to keep their teeth healthy by preventing cavities. The fluoride they need can be found in toothpaste as well as in their drinking water. If your child does not typically drink tap water but instead drinks bottled water, you should try to find bottled water that has fluoride in it.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

In between each dental visit, it is important for children to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes and to floss once a day. Getting into the habit of proper dental care when they are young will help them have a lifetime of proper dental care and can help prevent cavities.

It is important for children, with the help of their parents, to take proper care of their teeth. Following these tips will help to prevent early childhood tooth decay.



  1. My sister is wondering when she should take her son to the dentist. It is good to know that sometime between the age of 6 months to a year is a good thing to know. It seems like she should find children dentist soon because he is 4 months old this month.

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