How To Create A Peaceful Kids Bedroom


A peaceful bedroom sends your child off to sleep with gentle reminders that it is time to relax. You’ll also find that a room that invokes feelings of relaxation also helps kids to stay calm during the day. Setting up a room that feels like a retreat from the stresses of their daily life is easy when you follow these simple tips.

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Install the Right Lighting

Parents tend to overlook just how powerful lighting can be for setting a mood. Avoid using harsh fluorescent lights in your child’s room. Instead, select soft lighting that has options for dimming so that you can adjust it to fit your child’s mood and activities.

Choose Noise-Dampening Materials

A well-insulated house is important for blocking out annoying distractions when your kid is trying to sleep. Yet, you can further reduce noise in your child’s room by selecting materials that absorb sound rather than bounce it back. Wood or carpet flooring tends to be better than hard tile. Wall hangings also add that extra bit of cushioning to a hard surface that further reduces sound.

Use the Soothing Effects of Nature

It only takes a short walk through the park to prove the soothing benefits of nature. Try bringing some of that beautiful outdoor appeal inside. A kid-safe plant placed on a high shelf can generate feelings of relaxation. Murals of nature scenes are another fun way to add a soothing touch of the outdoors.

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Create a Cozy Bed

Children view their bed as their own personal space. Your child’s bed should have a mattress that is just the right size for their body without being overwhelming. You can also feel free to pile on the cozy blankets and sheets. Then, top it off with a cuddly stuffed animal or two that your child can use to self-soothe.

Select a Relaxing Color Palate

Those bright and bold rainbow colors might look cute in a preschool classroom. However, these colors can often be overstimulating for a child’s bedroom. If you don’t want to go with the classic pink or light blue shades, then explore other options that are just as soothing. Mint green, lavender and gray are all trending colors for kids’ rooms right now. You can also go for a classic white paint with just a hint of your child’s favorite color. This theme should carry into the rest of the decor.

Remove Stimulating Toys and Electronics

Sure, you want to give your child everything that their heart could ever desire, but you may need to be careful where you put their belongings. A kid’s room doesn’t need a whole bunch of electronics to keep them occupied. Instead, things such as televisions can actually keep them up. Consider moving your child’s stimulating toys to a different part of the house such as a play room. Then, replace them with soothing activities such as books and puzzles that they can do when they need to calm down.

As you set up your child’s room, remember that it needs to be functional with a quality bed, curtains and organizational tools. It should also reflect your kid’s personality. Invite your older kids to get involved in the process of decorating during the final stages. They’ll love being a part of their new bedroom’s design planning.

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