Get Them Flying Early: 5 Reasons to Get Your Kids Interested in Drones


Children these days tend to spend lots of time inside looking at a screen. While some still enjoy going outside to play, technology keeps many indoors. As a parent, you know they need to get out, move and enjoy the great outdoors. Drones provide a way for them to use technology outdoors and learn while having fun. Here are five reasons you should consider getting your child a drone followed by tips on choosing the right one.

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Drones are fun to use.

Simply piloting them around is exciting but since drones often come with cameras, there are several things children can do. They can take photos of animals from a distance, do video recordings at family events, record fun holiday messages or even play games.

Drones educate.

If your little ones already love planes and helicopters, they’ll definitely enjoy flying a drone. They’ll get a first-hand appreciation for piloting, landing and of course, avoiding crashes. They’ll pick up the basics of aeronautics and discover how wind and weather conditions can affect flight.

Drones prepare your child for the future.

The use of drones is going to increase. While many use them for recreational purposes, they are also used in business. From product delivery to cinematography and photography and security and surveillance, some careers will require knowledge of how to fly a drone. Your child may not know it yet but getting this early knowledge could make a big difference to their future.

Drones help to develop fine motor skills and spatial problem-solving skills. 

Visualizing what they want the drone to do and then manipulating the controls are key parts of the drone flying experience. they are also key to their education and development. Jigsaw puzzles, building blocks, and playdoh are not the only tools that can be used to nurture these skills.

Drones teach responsibility.

Children will get caught up in the excitement of flying a drone, but parents can use the opportunity to teach a few things. For example, taking photos is great but the camera shouldn’t be used to spy on others. Each state has its own privacy laws and you need to ensure these are adhered to. Laws also set out which areas you are allowed to fly in and children need to be taught not to venture into places that are prohibited.

Choosing the right drone

When buying a drone for children, there are some things you need to bear in mind.

If your kids are very young, you want a remote control that’s very simple. Too many buttons will confuse the child and make it harder for him or her to learn. It’s important for the drone to have adjustable sensitivity. The child should learn at the lowest speed but as they get better, they will need a challenge.

Crashes are perhaps inevitable, so you should opt for a reasonably priced product with affordable, easy to find replacement parts. You should also look for a drone with flight assistant features like a return home key, auto hovering, and altitude hold.

Flying a drone can be fun for the entire family. Not only will it get your children to explore the outdoors, but it will teach them skills that can help them well into the future.

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