How to Get Your Children Ready for Pre-school


How to Get Your Children Ready for Pre-school

Whether your child has been attending daycare since a very young age or you're a stay at home parent, there comes a time when parents feel the need to start their children in a more structured preschool environment in order to prepare them for when they start kindergarten. This transition, however, can be difficult for both parent and child. By preparing your child ahead of time, you can ease the transition into preschool.

Setting a Schedule

Having a regular routine can help your child transition into a structured preschool setting. These schedules are not only necessary for activities during the day, but for morning and bedtime as well. A daily schedule should start with waking up at the same time daily, and can be followed with activities such as breakfast, getting dressed, and play time. Bedtime routines can include bath time, snack, reading a story, and going to bed. Not only will a daily schedule help children prepare for preschool, it will also build confidence and security for your child by establishing predictability.

Practice Fine Motor Skills

Though preschools such as Apple Montessori Schools help children exercise fine motor skills with activities such as button, zipping, and food preparation, it is important to practice fine motor skills with your children before they arrive at preschool. Craft activities, such as gluing, cutting, painting, and tracing are great was to get your children to use their hands.

Read to Your Child

Studies show that children who are read to from a young age perform well in all aspects of learning. Reading to your child not only increases their vocabulary, it also gives them a better understand of how letters and groups of letters form sounds and words, which will give them a head start when they begin reading and writing.

Schedule a Tour

Giving your child a preview of the school will not only make them more familiar with their surroundings but also given them an idea of what to expect. Scheduling a tour of the preschool will give the child the opportunity to meet teachers and see what goes on inside a classroom, as well as make your child more comfortable in their new environment.

Every child is different, and though the transition may still not be completely stress-free, preparing your child ahead of time will make dropping them off at preschool easier on not only your child but yourself as well.


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