Five Laundry Room Upgrades for Half the Price


Whether it’s to improve functionality or just make it a more inviting space, upgrading your laundry room does not have to break your budget. Here are five inexpensive ways to make your laundry room a place you won’t dread, all you need is a few basic tools and you can easily accomplish this yourself.

Five Laundry Room Upgrades for Half the Price


Update your lighting. You wouldn't hesitate to change the lighting in any other room of your home if it wasn't doing an adequate job, or was outdated. Swapping out the light fixtures in your laundry room can update its look in a matter of minutes. Make sure it’s powerful enough to see your clothes and any stains.

Heightened Hardware

Change and update your cabinets by replacing the pulls and hardware. You can also add storage on the inside with inexpensive buckets, baskets, or dividers. Exchanging the hardware on your cabinets to something more modern can make a difference in how the entire space looks. Retrofitting cabinets with additional storage options like bins will help to keep the space clean and organized, as will additional shelves and drawers.

Superior Sinks

Add or update your sink. There a variety of sink options from which to choose, so you're sure to find one that will fit both your budget and design style. Be sure to grab a new faucet for a totally updated look.

While you are updating your sink and faucet, consider buying a flood detector for your laundry room. The device will alert you to any water leaks while they are minor, before you end up spending thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. You can even get early warning when you pair a flood sensor with your water heater.

Wall Wishes

Curtains, wallpaper, and paint are all inexpensive ways to freshen up your laundry room look. New curtains are a relatively small investment. You can buy them just about anywhere, or even make them yourself. Wallpaper is another inexpensive option, and you can get the whole family to help. Don't neglect the kid’s artwork either! You can hang it in your laundry room as part of the ambiance.

Super Storage

Additional storage and a folding table are also budget-friendly ways to up the visual appeal of your laundry room. If you don't want the expense of adding cabinets, consider behind the door storage options as a way to stash your laundry supplies. Floating wall shelves can also be used to bring additional storage, and nothing improves the functionality of the space like a folding table.


Your laundry room doesn't have to be your home's most boring and bland space. By using these simple tricks, you can give it a style all your own.

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