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I love Spring, it is like a new beginning each year, as the snow melts and the trees begin to bud working on outdoor projects moves to the top of my list.  The Spring is also a great time to get your roof inspected by a professionally certified, licensed and insured contractor.  A trusted roofing contractor will be able to call you right away to schedule a roof inspection and answer your toughest questions.

When asking for a roofing estimate see if they offer a free inspection and if they provide assistance with or offer:

  • Homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Loans and credit approvals
  • Payment plans
  • Warrantees and guarantees
  • Top name-brand roofs
  • Roofing energy evaluations

This exterior home improvement company specializing in Roofing in Dearborn, MI has all the answers.  When this reputable roofing contractor comes to your home for a roof inspection they can perform roof shoveling and/or an ice dam removal if needed and then determine what, if any, roofing issues exist.

The trained professionals can easily spot issues that a homeowner might not notice like wear and tear, loose or missing shingles, deterioration, termite damage, buckling, holes, leaks or other situations.  If it’s decided you need a roof replacement, repair, tear-off, re-roof or new roof installation, they can sit down with you and develop a plan of action that is affordable and practical, they also offer financing if necessary.

Don't be Fooled by Unbelievable Deals

If a company wants more than 50 percent down for a construction job or can’t produce licensing, insurance or certification credentials, steer clear.  Never sign a roofing contract without reading the fine print, some companies put a lot of pressure on homeowners using scare tactics or distorted inspection results. These types of practices are not legal and can result in the loss of thousands of hard-earned dollars.

Trust a Reliable, Family-Owned Business

Choosing a professionally trained and certified company gives you many options starting with a free estimate.  Did you know many home improvement or construction companies offer special financing deals if you spend over a certain amount? If you bundle several renovations, it can be a real money saver AND you’ll be increasing your home’s value.  Other services offered by Roofing Dearborn include:

  • new flooring installation
  • roofing replacement
  • bathroom or kitchen update
  • masonry
  • new porch or overhang, doors
  • windows
  • siding
  • gutters
  • numerous other add-ons

If you choose a well-rounded, versatile roofing company you have the ability to schedule several projects at once saving you time and money.  The Dearborn Roofers offer great tips, advice, articles, and recommendations for home and business owners pertaining to roof replacements, installations, and many other home improvements.

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