Essential Tips When Traveling in Jakarta


Any travel location can be a difficult one if one goes without any information or tips, especially when one is visiting the city for the first time. Many tourists wonder if Jakarta is a safe place to travel. Well, they are certainly missing out on a beautiful experience if they have been avoiding Jakarta because of the rumors of it being a dangerous city. The truth is that it is a perfectly safe and nice city to explore. Why not get aware of some tips if planning a trip to Jakarta?

Essential Tips When Traveling in Jakarta

From the airport

You will either stop in Halim Perdana Kusuma or Soekarno Hatta when flying to Jakarta. As the airports are far from the city center, there are a private car or taxi available once you land. Blue Bird taxi is considered to be popular, and all you need to do is tell the crew about your needs. Avoid the long line in taxi’s waiting and go to the Departure area to get your taxi. Another option is to take Damri Bus that head towards lots of destination and are big and comfortable.

Get an Indonesian SIM Card

To save on travel expenses purchasing a local SIM card is always a good idea. Purchase an Indonesian sim card at the airport or a small store in the street. It is very easy to buy SIM card and Telkomsel, XL and Indosat are the prominent SIM cards. One can get a phone credit for IDR 100,000 ($8 USD) if staying for about one or two weeks.

Changing Money

Always go to an official money changer to change money, and there are plenty of official money changers in the city. You can also get money from ATM, but be careful when carrying your money and it is not recommended to count money in the street.

Use Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is a good way to meet up with the locals and get connected to them. Get tips from them about traveling around the city, where to eat and what to see. Indonesians are kind and friendly people. It is a good idea to build more communication with your host.

Kakilima street vendors in Jakarta

Eat at a Clean Place

Always eat at places that are safe and clean. If you are not used to street food, keep away from the food stall on the street and stick to food joints in the malls. The street food in Jakarta is so delicious, but you should not ruin your trip by eating the wrong kind of food.

Check this website to learn how you can book a trip to Jakarta and explore some great options. There are numerous hotels and resorts that meet the needs of every kind of traveler and budget. Fairmont Jakarta is a good option to start with and is immensely popular with the tourists.

As the last word of caution, always bring the copy of your passport. For all travelers, the passport is their lifeline, no matter where they go. So, make sure to keep your original passport in a safe place and show a copy to someone asking your id. You can take a snapshot of your passport and carry it in your mobile.

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