Looking After A Loved One With Limited Mobility


There are lots of reasons why someone in your life may be suffering from limited mobility. They could have an injury or a long standing condition. Or it could be that as they are getting older, they are finding moving around a lot harder. But whatever the reason, if there is someone you know that is struggling to get around under their own steam, there are some things that you can do to help.

Don’t be too overbearing

It is so tempting to fall into that role of a carer when there is someone in your life with limited mobility. You get so use to looking out for them, that it can be hard to retain the normal relationship dynamic.

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However, if you can stop yourself from becoming overbearing they will certainly appreciate it. Just because they are struggling with this task does not mean that they can't do other things. Remember that they may still be sharp as a tack or can do a lot for themselves. It's important for their carers to recognize this, as it helps them to make the best recovery or adjustment to their condition.

One such example of this is cooking. While juggling hot pans and ingredients can be a challenge for any of us, those with limited mobility can particularly struggle. But as you will know their abilities in the kitchen will vary from person to person. Those that are used to their condition will often be able to make adjustments to the way they do things, in order for them to successfully cook.

Do help them stay on top of their equipment needs

One thing that you can definitely help them with, especially when the problem is fairly new, is staying on top of their welfare. To do this make sure you check that they have all the equipment that they need.

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Some people may need a wheelchair. If they are using an electric one, check to see when they next need a product like a Jazzy wheelchair replacement battery. No one wants to have a motorized wheelchair but not be able to use it because the battery has run out.

Other people may need a cane or a walker to help them move around while they are indoors. There are also devices that you can get to help them to go to the toilet or have a bath safely. It's best to ask the person that you are caring for what they think will suit their needs best.

Don't exclude them from family outings

Having limited mobility can be very isolating. It can mean that the suffer is stuck in their house a lot of the time. Then they miss out on friends and family gatherings because they cannot negotiate the terrain.

When at all possible, don't leave your loved one at home if you have a get-together. It is vital for us all to get out the house and have social contact with other people. While it may be a little more difficult to do, when you have limited mobility, it can help raise your spirits. It is also important to prevent the development of social anxiety, which can occur when people rarely leave the house.

Do try and look for somewhere that has disabled access

A way of encouraging your family member that has mobility issues to get out the house is to locate activities and places that have disabled access. Just the addition of a ramp or wide double doors can make the whole trip so much less stressful for you and the person that you are taking.

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Do make sure that their safety is always taken care of

While it is essential that you foster their independence as much as possible, there may be some situations where this is just not practical. For example, some conditions are degenerative, and so no matter how much they want to get out on their own, it's simply not safe for them to do that.

In fact as a career, one of your prime responsibilities if for the safety of your friend or family member. It can be helpful for them to have another pair of eyes looking out for dangers, or another pair of hands to ensure tasks are completed safety. You can also play a valuable role in advocating for your friend. Especially, in situations where they need more help or better access to things that will improve their quality of life.

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