Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie Review


Disney Junior’s popular show, Doc McStuffins, is inspiring many of our future doctors and medical professionals. The show is positive and uplifting, and encourages children to care for others. Now your aspiring lifesavers can continue their adventures in practice with the Take Care of Me Lambie toy.

Your child, armed with stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope and sticker bandages, will now transform into Doc McStuffins and can diagnose and care for the interactive Lambie toy.

Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie

Features of the Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie Set

With more than fifty interactive gameplay through words, songs, lights, and movements, and three different triggers for responses, the toy will provide your child with hours of fun. There’s also the signature “go stuffed” action when playtime ends.

The package includes Lambie and everything you need to heal her. It’s also suitable for children aged 3 to 6 who love playing “Doctor and Patient”.

Is the Take Care of Me Lambie Worth Buying?

If your little ones love the Doc McStuffins show, then this is the perfect gift!  It gives them an opportunity to reenact their favorite moments from the show and extend their imagination and storytelling prowess by creating new scenarios for Lambie and the Doc.

You'll be delighted with the compassionate side of your child shining through when they Take Care of Me Lambie!


  • Children will enjoy using the medical tools to diagnose Lambie’s illness. She even tells them what’s wrong with her! After some gentle care from the Doc, she’ll lie down and take a nap. And when she’s feeling better, she will giggle and sing when her tummy is pressed. The “I feel better” song is a particular favorite!
  • Positive values such as kindness and compassion are encouraged through play. It’s also great for two or more children to play together since this toy fosters social interaction.
  • Children can relive their favorite moments from the show. Lambie even uses the beloved “Go stuffed!” phrase when playtime is over and the Doc has healed all the toys.
  • The show acts as a starter to get imagination flowing and the toy then allows kids to turn the positive messages into creative play.
  • Batteries included!! Imagine that 😉


  • The fabric appears flimsy and might not withstand too much rough and tumble play.
  • The price tag at $50 you could easily buy a pretend doctor's kit for around $20 and the kids could use their own stuffies


For fans of Disney Junior’s Doc McStuffins series, this toy is a great way to extend and develop the show’s positive messages. Learning to nurture and care for someone, even if it’s only a lovable soft toy, is a wonderful way to develop socially.

We need people who show kindness and compassion and the Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie Plush toy helps to teach these virtues from a young age. It’s also super adorable and great to cuddle and sing along with!

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