Decisions, Decisions: Tips for Choosing a Cruise


Cruise holidays are increasing in popularity each year as more savvy travellers discover the many advantages of seeing the world via the ocean seas. As cruise operators introduce more itineraries and options for holidaymakers to consider, it can make the decision-making process quite difficult.

Here is a look at some of the aspects of your cruise holiday that you should consider and prioritize so that you can make the right decision and book a holiday that really fits your requirements through cruise comparison sites online.

Tips for Choosing a Cruise

Picking a cruise line

Assuming you are familiar with the concept of cruising and may have even been on a few cruise holidays before, one of the first things to consider is which cruise line you might like to travel with.

Most cruise lines have their own particular niche in the market with some being renowned for great nightlife and a real emphasis on fun and socialising, whilst others are more focused on either a casual dining or alternatively a fine dining experience, whilst for other cruise ship operators, they might prefer to try and concentrate on value for money by missing out on a few refinements.

You will either know yourself which cruise operators are best for certain aspects of the overall package and if you are unsure, your booking adviser should be able to provide some guidance in this area.

Number of days

Having eliminated a number of operators by choosing what aspect of cruising is particularly important to you, the next decision should probably be to establish how many days you want your holiday cruise to be.

Many cruises offer a seven-day package but you will find as the market opens up to more people, you may even find five-day cruises aimed at working people with limited holiday time or three-day weekender breaks, which are always popular because they often provide the opportunity for a modestly-priced mini-break.

Time of the year

Where and when you would like to travel will have an influence on the cruise excursions that are available that meets those requirements.

Destinations like the Caribbean offer almost year-round fun in the sun whilst a trip to Alaska will have to be taken between May and September. If you want to follow the Mediterranean sun then the vast majority of cruises operate in this area between March and November each year.

Cabin choice

There are two elements to choosing the cabin you want on board the ship; category and location.

The category of cabin that you choose will have a very noticeable impact on the final price of your holiday quotation, as there is quite a difference between the cost of an inside cabin with no window, and cabin that has a balcony with it.

The location of the cabin does not have such an impact on the price as the grade but it can be important for people who suffer from travel sickness or may have limited mobility and need to be situated close to elevators.

These are some of the main decisions that you should make in order to narrow down your choice of cruise ship operators and destinations, but you might be able to narrow it down even further if you have specialist interests and would like to go on a cruise with like-minded individuals who want to spend the week discussing wines or taking part in salsa dancing lessons.

There are so many options and packages available these days, the problem might be trying to decide which tempting offer you want to go for.

Ryan Posa, founder of Cruise Republic, has cruised to fantastic locations as Mexico, New Zealand, Alaska, and the South Pacific. After seeing the world aboard a number of cruise liners, he often enjoys blogging about his insights into the tips and tricks for modern cruising. You can keep up with Ryan on Twitter.

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