Coastal Scents Luxury Beauty Collection Review


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Cheyenne and I recently had the opportunity to review the Luxury Beauty Collection for Coastal Scents.  Cheyenne is in the tween stage and just getting into the makeup scene so we thought this collection was a great starter set for her to find her beauty personality.

Beauty Collection - Luxury

What does the Luxury Beauty Collection include?

For $49.95 you get the Luxury Beauty Collection that includes:

22-piece Brush Set by Coastal Scents

The  22-piece Brush Set is made with natural and synthetic hair is fantastic for creating just the look you want.  With buffer, powder, blender, liner and lip brushes you have a complete collection that fits perfectly in the matte-black roller case that holds firmly shut with snaps.

88 Original Palette by Coastal Scents

The 88 Original Palette has a great selection of vibrant, highly-pigmented shadows in matte or satin finish.  It has every color you can think of from neutrals to blue, green and even pink.  The palette comes with two dual-tipped foam applicators and a built-in mirror.  You can easily create a funky look or keep things simple with a sweep of neutral shade.

10 Blush Palette by Coastal Scents

The 10 Blush Palette has a combination of warm and cool blushes in satin and silky matte finishes.  With pink tones, reds, oranges and tans this palette is good for any skin tone.  Easily create you own custom blend of colors to match perfectly with your favorite lip color and eye makeup.


Is the Coastal Scents Luxury Beauty Collection worth the purchase?

Great bang for your buck.  The pigments are rich and a fraction of the cost compared to others on the market. The brushes are amazing, when I need a new set I'll be ordering these for myself.  I recommend this collection to anyone looking to treat themselves or as a gift to someone who loves to try different colors of makeup application.

Luxury Beauty Collection by Coastal Scents

The downside is the set isn't travel-friendly if you're trying to keep your baggage to a minimum.  But Coastal Scents does have a great selection of travel brushes and smaller collections of eye and blush colors.  You can also get two other beauty collections from Coastal Scents:

You can also get two other beauty collections from Coastal Scents:

  • Glamour for $29.95 that includes Revealed Eyeshadow Palette, Color Me Fuchsia Brush Set and Xpress Line Cosmetic Pencils
  • Smoky for $39.95 that includes Smoky Eyes Brush Set, Smoky Eyeshadow Palette, 26 Shadow Blush Palette and the Eclipse Concealer Palette

For a makeup collection this was just what we were looking for, Cheyenne is able to experiment with color and find her unique beauty style.  This Luxury Beauty Collection would be perfect for anyone who loves a little color in their lives.

What's your favorite makeup color?

Coastal Scents Luxury Beauty Collection Review

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