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This year we made a promise as a family to spend more time together making memories.  Since Frank is a shift worker family meals are hard for us every day but we’ve made a commitment to each other to do at least one unplugged family activity a day.  So far we’ve been making meals together, going on family walks and even doing homework.  It brings a smile to my face, the kids grow up so fast that we need to take advantage of every moment we have with them.

Fuji4Families 9 of 17Family selfie using the Fujifilm X-A3 tiltable LCD monitor and timer, unedited

When Fuji sent us the new FujiFilm X-A3 to try out we knew it was the perfect addition to making new memories because now we can capture them in great detail, even selfies.

Fujifilm X A3

This photo just doesn't do the camera justice, it is remarkable what it can do.  A few of the features I quickly fell in love with are:

  • The retro design including faux-leather in brown, black or pink. I opted for black because then the boys are more apt to use it.
  • Mirrorless camera that gives you 24.2 megapixel images with face and eye detection
  • The touchscreen because it makes zooming, focal point and easy control at your fingertips plus the 180-degree tiltable LCD monitor is excellent for taking high-quality selfies!
  • Variety of shooting modes so even those new to photography can take amazing shots.
  • Wireless communication that allows you to transfer photos to your phone, remote shooting and printing with you Instax SP-2 Printer.
  • Macro photography, right out of the box, easily take shots 7cm from the front edge of the lens

Fuji4Families 1 of 17I’m in love with homemade pico de gallo and I’m thrilled with how well the Fujifilm X-A3 captures it fresh from the kitchen. Image unedited.

To see just how awesome the photos turn out we took spent our family time taking photos on our after school walk.  The camera is pretty lightweight so it wasn’t a big deal to take with us, and capturing the smiling faces is priceless.  So come take a walk with us…

Fuji4Families 8 of 17

We are lucky enough to live in a little mountain town close to the river, taking a walk and enjoying nature is one of our favorite activities as a family.

Fuji4Families 7 of 17

Spending time with these three sharing laughs and making new memories is exactly how I want to remember 2017.  I love how this shot captures the mountains, warm sun and of course the smiles.

Fuji4Families 5 of 17

This photo is the one before the upside down Cheyenne and it happen to be one of my favorites.  I love how crisp the family is while the sun shines on in the back, it is almost like a backdrop.  This photo is untouched and taken with the Advanced SR AUTO feature that automatically optimizes shutter speed, aperture and other settings, it really is a game changer in taking photos.

Fuji4Families 12 of 17

One thing Cheyenne is great at is getting payback!  As the boys pose for their photo together she sneaks behind them with a snowball, but she wasn’t brave enough to actually hit them.

Fuji4Families 15 of 17

Dustin is turning into the little character but that grin gets me every time.  Now we head home to give the dogs some extra attention since we didn't’ take them on a walk with us.

Fuji4Families 16 of 17

Cheyenne’s dog, LouLou, is a rescue pup we’ve had for a couple years now.  Lou is a female bluetick coonhound and makes the best family pet, she love cuddles and hanging out with the kids but is always ready for our next big outdoor adventure.

Fuji4Families 17 of 17

Dustin’s dog is Duchess, my sister brought her home as a puppy and Dustin quickly fell in love.  Duchess is a clumsy puppy still at a year and a half but her and Dustin are the best of friends, maybe because they’re both full of energy.

Fuji4Families 11 of 17

Spending time together making new memories is the best commitment I could have made to my family and capturing them on camera is even better!  If you're looking for a new camera to capture some epic family photos you should consider the Fujifilm X-A3 it is easy to use, captures every little detail and offers more than just photos you can create HD videos too!


Disclosure: I am participating in the FujiFilm campaign managed by SJ Consulting.  I received compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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