7 Great Outdoor Family Activities that will Bring you Closer Together


7 Great Outdoor Family Activites that will Bring you Closer Together

What do you find your family doing during free time? Do you notice that everyone seems preoccupied with their own interests? The next time your family has time to spend together, try getting outside to participate in one (or many) of these activities:

Create an outdoor scavenger hunt
Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? Make a list of what everyone should look for. Nature provides a lot of different items such as acorns, pinecones, flowers, and rocks. Choose how long the hunt will last and select someone to keep track of time. Whoever finds the most items before the time is up, wins!

Plant a garden
Whether you plant flowers or vegetables, a garden is something that needs attention, love, and dedication – just like a family. Taking time to care for the garden leads to much joy and excitement when plants begin to grow. This activity is an ongoing bonding experience.

A perfect picnic
Pack up your family’s favorite fixings and venture out to a park or lake. Look up! Is it a cloudy day? Watch the clouds and pick out the different shapes and objects you see.

Camping anyone?
Camping is a terrific outing because it allows so many activities to take place. Take a hike and collect pieces of wood so you can make a fire once the sun goes down. Bring your family’s favorite snacks and grill items. What’s a better way to bond than appreciating the outdoors and getting back to nature together?

After dinner, why not engage in some family stargazing? Throw down a blanket and relax under the light of the moon. Stargazing is peaceful and beautiful. See what stars and constellations you and your family can spot; a calming activity to sum up the night.

Play a game
Head outside and strike up a ball game. A family game of soccer, football, or catch can be the perfect way to spend part of the day and promote teamwork.

Take a bike ride
Plan a family bike trip. Make sure everyone’s bike is in good shape. If you realize one of the bikes may need to be fixed, or needs a part replaced, take care of it prior to your ride.


Spending time as a family is crucial to building solid relationships and creating lasting memories. Enjoy each other’s company and venture outside for some fun together.

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