Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure Review

Big Hero 6 is the name of the 54th film in the Walt Disney Animated Classics series. The movie was inspired by a Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. The film starts off in imaginary San Fransokyo, where 14-year-old robotics genius Hiro Hamada reports being attacked by a man in a kabuki mask and an army of miniature flying robots. Hiro befriends Baymax, a personal health care robot made by his older brother. Baymax is both a mild mannered Nursebot and a superhero, so let's get a closer look.

Key Elements of the Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure

  • 20+ pieces
  • Boasts 14 inch wingspan
  • Officially licensed by Disney
  • Baymax Big Hero 6 character
  • 6 inch figure transforms to 8 inches tall

What Makes the Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure Such a Good Buy?

If you love the Big Hero 6 movie by Disney, you know exactly who Baymax is. Hiro Hamada, a young robot designer, accidentally activates Baymax, who was created by Hiro's older brother. When Hiro realizes that his own microbot designs have been stolen and are being used by an evil master man called Yokai, he upgrades Baymax with battle armor and a combat microchip.

Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure reflects both of the healthbot's representations from the movie. You can play with Baymax in his kind and lovable health care robot form, or re-create his superhero movie moments by transforming him into his crime-fighting alter ego.

There are 20 pieces of armor that are used to construct the superhero form of Baymax. And this toy is intelligently made, because it is easy to transform back and forth quickly. When creating the flying superhero version of this toy, the character grows from 6 to 8 inches in height. The crime-fighting armor also includes a wide 14 inch wingspread.

Big Hero 6 ArmorUp Baymax Action Figure

The character can be posed and articulated to a degree, much more so without the armor on. The manufacturer does not recommend this product for use by children under 3 years of age, because of the small pieces of armor.

The same movie color schemes for both superhero and mild-mannered Baymax personalities are perfectly represented. The nursebot entity is round bodied and white, while the superhero Baymax is powerfully built, colored red, and complete with wings and helmet.

Big Hero 6 movie lovers and Disney collectors will definitely want to get this latest Disney movie tie-in product. There are several retailers online offering the Big Hero 6 Armor-Up Baymax Action Figure at very attractive prices, making multiple purchases for all the Baymax fans on your shopping list possible.


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