Benefits of a Massage on Bodily Organs


Massages are, typically, use for two things: health or relaxation. Both of these are great reasons to get regular massages, as they are interconnected. There are, however, several specific areas of health that massages improve. The main intentions of a massage are stimulate organs, increase flow, improve health, develop strength, regeneration, and relaxation. Let’s talk about some of these bodily areas, and how massages improve their function.


The common-knowledge area that massages are used to treat is the muscular system. With stress, work, age, and fatigue, the muscles of the body become constricted and tense. Massages treat this by freeing up the circulatory system moving to the muscles and relieving tension. When a muscle is flexed, it creates tension on everything that muscle is connected to; thereby wearing down everything it is connected to. Also, soothing the nerves that interact with any given muscle can greatly reduce the amount of stress felt by the body.


The next area the massages treat is one I have already mentioned: the circulatory system. Your health depends on the correct functioning of your circulatory system. Your blood is the transporter of oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to the rest of your body. The friction that massages produce loosens up the veins and arteries in the body in order to increase blood flow. This means that your entire body will begin getting more oxygen; therefore it will feel better, after a single massage.


The next area that you will notice being positively affected after a massage is the skeletal system. Because your bones depend on your muscular and circulatory systems, treating these two things will, in fact, treat the skeletal system. For example, as the muscles of the body flex and compress from the labors of the day, your bones are being firmly pressed together for long periods of time. Because of this, a massage will improve your posture, decrease inflammation in your joints, and give you back your full range of motion.

Additional Benefits

The better blood circulation and improved muscle function will also help treat you respiratory system. This is the system that supplies the body with oxygen. The healthier it is, the healthier you will be. Because the body is relaxed after a massage, the lack of stress allows the respiratory system to breathe deeper and easier. This means less work for this vital bodily system. Also, the respiratory uses muscles to suck air in and force air out. Massages will improve these muscles in the same way they improve the rest of the body’s muscles.

With an ever-expanding importance put on fitness, looking good, and pumping iron, gyms are being used more than ever before. Therefore, more and more people could benefit from a good massage. Folks who lift weights, or do rigorous exercises on a regular basis, put a lot of stress on their bodies, not just their muscles. From the examples given above, it’s easy to see how these health-minded people could seriously benefit from regular massages.

What does this mean for massage therapists? Career opportunities! Get a portable massage table and a message therapist’s license, and you are ready to set up shop. Based on the evidence I’ve provided you with, a choice of location might be a bit easier. Setting up shop near, or even in, a gym is sure to bring repeat clients that will love you for your craft. Some extra things, like oils and lotions, are an added expense, but they are expenses that will be covered by your large, repeat client base.

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