Back To Best: Helping Your Children Recover From Illness


When you have been dealing with the constant stress and worry of a sick child, the first signs of improvement in their health are a delight. Every day they seem to grow a little stronger, you feel a little better in yourself. Soon, you can acknowledge you have got through the worst and you will soon be ready to return to normal.

The process of adjusting back to normality can be a tricky one, especially if the illness in question was a long one. If you push too quickly, then you can actually cause problems or even potentially a relapse. However, if you’re too light with the process, then it can take longer – and thus you both feel worse for longer – than it really has to.

While some of the details of how to bring your recovering child back to their best will be dependent on their individual illness, there are a few uniting factors that can help keep them on the right track to recovery.

Simple, Nutritious Food

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If you usually eat quite adventurous meals, then recovery is a period where you should set these to one side. No spices, no experimentation – just simple, good, hearty food that can help replenish a struggling body. Opt for items like rice, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, and legumes to help provide plenty of calories, utilizing recipes from the likes of to improve the health benefits.

While you may be tempted to offer them a sugary treat for coping so well with their illness, it’s probably not the best time for a sugar rush in the initial stages of recovery.

Gentle Exercise

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Exercise can help strengthen the immune system and help your child’s body reset after a period of ill health. However, the type of exercise in question has to be very calm, relaxing, and low impact. The survey says, then, that swimming is by far the best recovery option – it places little stress on your child’s body and can help them build back their muscle strength without risk of injury. To make it all the more exciting and tempting, opt for a fun new swimming cap from and a new swimsuit to tempt them back into the water. Once there, start with small sessions of 15 minutes or so in length and build their stamina back up over time.

Following Medical Advice

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This one goes without saying – or so you would think. Think about how many times you, when beginning to feel better, have abandoned medical advice that you know you should be following?

Don’t feel bad – we all do it! We improve, so we can’t be bothered to finish the course of medication or eat exactly what we should be. Nevertheless, for our children, you’re going to want to ruthlessly continue to follow all medical advice. Follow everything that your doctor tells you to the letter, and only stop when they have given you the all clear – especially when it comes to medication. Your child is on their way back to their best, so use all the medical interventions you need to keep them heading in the right direction.

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