6 Tips to Bring More Organization and Less Clutter Into Your Home


If you can no longer seek your kitchen counter because the pile of mail and bills has gotten out of hand, you may be ready to bring more organization into your life. But just the thought of getting rid of the clutter from your dwelling may be too overwhelming. To make the project successful, it’s best to start with the following small tips.

6 Tips to Bring More Organization and Less Clutter Into Your Home

Ditch the Trash

You don’t need to be labeled a neat freak to enjoy a clean home. Simple tasks done on a regular basis can prevent clutter from building up. Getting rid of unnecessary items also prevents you from losing items such as your keys or cellphone. You can start on the road to better organization by going through your clutter. Items that you no longer use or are in poor condition should be thrown in the trash.

Shop for the Perfect Tools

The kitchen is typically one of the most cluttered areas in a home. It’s a place where families come into the dwelling and dump mail, homework, bills and advertisements. To keep your home orderly and neat, look for the perfect organizational tools. Unique canisters, bins, totes and baskets neatly store items, while allowing you to capture that antique farmhouse look for your home. Two-tiered baskets blend function and form together when you want to simplify the needs of your kitchen. You can even bring this country charm concept into the other rooms of your home such as the den, bedroom, living room and bathroom.

Sell or Donate

Although you may no longer have use for certain pieces of furniture, clothes or electronics, your local charity may be able to find a place for the goods. You can either schedule a pick up or drop the items off at your favorite charitable organization. If they are in good shape, there are also sites where you can place them up for sale and collect money for the transaction. Just be sure to conduct business in a public place that is safe. If you have a large amount of inventory, you could also host an estate or garage sale.

Tuck Away in Storage

When you come across items that you just can’t part with, but you don’t use on a regular basis, you can tuck them away in storage. Whether you place the pieces in your attic, basement or rent a storage unit, make an inventory of the items and label the boxes. If you’re looking for the pieces at a later date, you’ll know exactly where they are.

Make it Fun

You can include your children in the process of tidying up your home by making it a fun project. Purchase labels, markers and stickers they can place on their storage containers. Find child-friendly bins and totes that will store neatly underneath a bed or in a closet. Set a fun tone by putting on playful music as your children go through their toys and closet in search of items they no longer use.

Create a System Going Forward

Because you now know just how tedious it can be to declutter your dwelling, you want to create a new system going forward. Put together a set of decorative storage boxes that mesh with your homes décor. Each bin should be designated as keep, toss and store. As the containers begin to get full, make an effort to empty them on a weekly or monthly basis.

Getting rid of your household clutter may be a challenging task, especially if you’ve spent a great deal of time collecting the many items. If you have more stuff than you could possibly handle on your own, enlist the help of friends, family members or the professionals. When you work together as a team, you may find it easier to part with the unnecessary merchandise and in a lot less time.

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