6 Tips to Make your Spring Break Vacation a Success


So this morning marked 3 more sleeps until we leave for Moclips, Washington on our family road trip for Spring Break and I came to the realization that I am not prepared.  As in not prepared I mean I've had a whole week to get organized, wash laundry, pack our hiking gear, plan food and I totally let the ball drop and did nothing.  But sticking to my No Excuses theme I'm not dwelling on that am I'm pushing forward!  So today is gong to be all about lists and getting organized!

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6 Tips to Make your Spring Break Vacation a Success

We rented an amazing house on the ocean so we are able to cook, hangout, explore and just kick back and relax during our vacation.  We also paid up front so that made it a lot easier to budget for our trip and we won't be left with a large bill at the end of our stay.  For us this worked out perfectly because we'll be there about 10 days and Cheyenne can take her dog on vacation which made her VERY excited.  The lists I'm making today:

  1. Make a menu plan for your stay – breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages
  2. Shopping list – by using your menu plan you can easily figure out how much food you need to stock up on for the holiday
  3. Packing list – take into consideration whether or not your destination has a washer and dryer or if you'll be able to stop by a laundry mat.  I try to pack clothes that can make several outfits like adding a blazer or accessories so I can use the pants and tops multiple times.  Since we're going for almost two weeks I  have enough clothes and undergarments for 5 days, saving me room in my suitcase and allowing me to pack light.
  4. Activities list – we like to do outdoor activities and this area has a wealth of hiking trails so we plan on doing some hiking, geocaching and maybe even a Twilight tour in Forks!  Check the local area to see what fun and usually free activities there are and pack accoringly.
  5. Electronics list – there is nothing worse than forgetting a charger or your computer.  Make a list of the electronic essentials, chargers, and don't forget your mophie!
  6. Special documents list – if you're crossing a border make sure you have passports, papers for pets, and the contact information of your destination handy.

So wish me luck as I attempt to actually get organized so we can hit the road and not have to worry on Sunday morning.  I keep a copy of the lists either on my computer, google docs or in our document folder so we can easily double check as we pack up to leave we don't forget anything.  I have to say I'm looking forward to some family R&R for spring break.

What's your best pre-vacation tip?

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