6 Certain Signs You Should Check Into Rehab


It’s not always easy to know when your drug and alcohol habits have passed from something you do because you enjoy it to something that has become an addiction. Even when you do have the passing thought that maybe you have a problem, it’s often easier to talk your way out of the concern.

But one thing is for sure: if you are addicted, you need to admit you have a problem and check into a rehab facility to get help. Here are 6 clear signs that you need to get into rehab quickly.

6 Surefire Signs You Need Help with Your Addiction

1. It takes more and more of the drug for you to feel the effects.

Building up a tolerance is usually the first visible sign that you have a problem. When it takes more of your drug of choice for the effects to occur, you are increasing your risk of overdose. You will also likely have increased withdrawal symptoms whenever you aren’t taking the drug, since your body is getting used to so much of it in its system.

2. You are noticing a loss of enjoyment in life.

Things that you once enjoyed are now becoming an irritating necessity or getting avoided completely. You prefer to be engaging in whatever it takes to get and use your drugs instead of spending time with your loved ones or working. If those around you are pointing out that you are acting differently, don’t argue with them. Think about it seriously, and then when you realize they are right, get help.

3. Financial problems are cropping up.

Many drug users find that they have trouble focusing on their job to the point where they are calling in to work, not performing well, or even getting fired. Instead of using their income to pay bills, it is going towards their addiction. If all else fails, they turn to stealing from friends, family, and strangers to support their habit. This is a serious sign that you need help.

4. Relationship issues become serious problems.

Once solid relationships, friendships, or family ties become weak and damaged when drugs are involved. Your friends and family do not want to see you spiraling into the depths that drugs take you and will likely try to help you, but if you don’t listen and continue using, they may have to give up on you for their own health.

5. You can’t control yourself.

Drugs will make you do things that you never thought possible, like react in anger and hurt someone, drive a car under the influence and cause a serious accident, or worse. When you find yourself shocked about your own actions, whether when you realize you did it or when someone else tells you about it, check into rehab immediately.

6. You know all of this is true but you still continue to use.

Even knowing how badly you are damaging yourself and others, you still can’t bring yourself to quit. You make excuses or fear the withdrawal symptoms, or you’ve tried before and relapsed. By the time you get to this point, you have likely caused so much damage that you need the help of professionals to get you back on track, and those professionals are found at an inpatient drug rehab facility.

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time

When it comes to quitting an addiction, you’ll always find an excuse not to do it. Now is not the perfect time for a lot of things, but it’s the perfect time to quit destroying your life and the lives of others and get help with your drug problem today.

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