5 Ways To Reduce Your Bills


Are you struggling to keep up with bill payments each month? Taking steps to lower your bills could help to make these expenses more manageable and give you more disposable income for yourself. Here are just five ways to reduce your bills.

Shop around for providers

Too many people stick with one provider and never think to look around for a cheaper rate. It pays to switch every few years as providers of energy and insurance are always offering competitive deals for new customers. Don’t be talked in to staying by loyalty rates or no-claims bonuses – you’ll almost always save more by switching than you would for any kind of loyalty scheme.

Monitor your energy usage

An easy way to reduce your energy bills is to start monitoring your energy usage. An energy monitor can tell you how much you’re spending on gas and electricity as you use it, helping you to become more aware of where you should be cutting back. You may think twice about leaving a light on or turning on the heating.

Take preventative measures to lower your insurance risk

When it comes to insurance rates, it pays to take preventative measures. Paying for a burglar alarm could lower your risk of burglary and make property insurance rates cheaper, whilst keeping your car in a garage might lower your car insurance rates. On the topic of insurance, you’re better off paying annually than monthly, as rates often work out cheaper. Raising your deductible (the amount you’re willing to pay yourself in the event of a claim) can also lower your rates.

Negotiate with your creditors

In many cases, you can lower rates just by talking to your creditors. This is particularly the case with debts – mortgage lenders may be willing to lower your interest rates if you’ve been paying back your debts on time each month. Negotiating also works on the opposite end of the spectrum – if you’re constantly missing debt payments, a creditor might be more willing to lower rates or decrease interest if you get in contact rather than ignoring payment letters. There are companies that can help you get out of debt and negotiate terms. These could be worthwhile for those in serious arrears.

Start living more green

Green living can lower your bill payments in many cases. When it comes to gas payments, consider insulating your property. This will reduce the need to turn on the heating as often. When it comes to electricity, consider replacing appliances with eco-friendlier version. These appliances will use up less electricity and save you money. There are then other methods such as installing solar panels on your roof – whilst this is a costly investment, it could prevent you from ever having to pay an electricity bill ever again. You might also want to consider installing a greywater recycling system – this recycles greywater and uses it for gardening and toilet flushing, lowering your water bills.

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