5 Reasons Why your Kids Need a Bike


5 Reasons Why your Kids Need a Bike

A child needs a bike because cycling is a great way to exercise. Besides the health benefits, there are five great reasons why every kid should own a bike.

Cycling Keeps Kids Hydrated

If your children don’t drink enough water throughout the day, a few bike trips can help. During a typical bike ride, a biker will crave three to four bottles of water before the riding session is over. A modern bicycle has a compartment for a water bottle, so your kids can always keep fresh, cool water with them.  We love swell bottles to help us refresh and keep our water cold.

However, if you’d like to buy a used bike that lacks a storage compartment, you can modify the design by investing in a custom frame. Consider buying from a company like Random Bike Parts or other reputable supply store that sells a number of components to bike enthusiasts.

More Fresh Air

Fresh air is important because it makes a child feel better. According to experts, Americans breathe in more pollution when they ride in a car and less toxic air during biking trips through local communities and suburbs.

Another benefit is that fresh air cleanses the lungs. This means that if your children ride their bikes frequently, they will increase their energy levels dramatically.

Locate New Paths

If your kids are outgoing, they will enjoy cycling through the community with their friends. In most suburbs and neighborhoods, there are a variety of trails and paths that can only be accessed by bikers.

Bike Trips Save Money

Because the cost of gas is increasing rapidly, you’ll save a lot of money on fuel if you let your kids travel around your community on bikes. If your teenagers run errands for you multiple times a week, you’ll reduce your transportation costs dramatically throughout the year.

Bikes Help the Environment

If you purchase bicycles for all of your kids, the environment will benefit because you’ll use your vehicle less often. Each time you drive to different locations, toxic gases pollute the air. Cycling is the solution to this problem because one bike trip keeps nearly 15 pounds of toxics out of the environment.

Bikes also produce less wear and tear on roads and parking grounds. When families commute to stores and restaurants in a car, the vehicle’s tires slowly damage various concrete surfaces throughout the city. Over time, the city will repair the cracks by pouring fresh concrete over the affected areas. This strategy doesn’t help the environment because the chemicals in concrete materials pollute the air.

If you buy bikes for your children, you’ll save money because you won’t have to constantly refuel your vehicle to run errands. However, the biggest benefit is that your kids will get plenty of fresh air during each cycling session.

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