5 Overlooked Cities in Canada You Need to Visit


Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting Canada? If so, you will know all about the spectacular nature, activities and history that the country possesses.

Although Canada is a hotbed for travelers, most stick to the major cities offered. Think of the likes of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary. Admittedly, these destinations all supply great things to do and memorable moments by the boatload. Nevertheless, only going to places like that is not fully experiencing Canada, and there are many other cities – most of which are overlooked by visitors – that should be added to any travel itinerary.

5 Overlooked Cities in Canada You Need to Visit

Five of these overlooked cities are listed below for your convenience.


The capital of Canada’s Nova Scotia, Halifax is a historic city that is popular for its harbors. You can learn more about this aspect at the revered Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, while the Citadel National Historic Site – positioned on the hilltop and built in the 18th century – is not to be missed. After getting a scenic survey of the city from the Citadel, head down into the city center and enjoy one of the trendy restaurants, bars and live music venues.


If skiing is your thing, Mont-Tremblant is a more than suitable alternative than the likes of Whistler and Banff. As well as year-round conditions that makes it an enticing proposal for skiing or snowboarding enthusiasts, the city – which is situated in Quebec and some 130km away from Montreal – also has plenty of attractions for visitors of all ages. Combine that with trendy shopping, tasting dining options and award-winning accommodation options – check https://www.chateaubeauvallon.com for more info on the latter – and Mont-Tremblant should be high on your ‘must visit’ list.


Fredericton is New Brunswick’s capital and is a cozy, welcoming city. Split by the wonderful St. John River, both sides of Fredericton offers tree-lined streets, historic sites, international cuisine and Victorian-era homes that line the suburban neighborhoods. A special mention is reserved for Odell Park, which delivers a level of peace and tranquility that the city thrives from overall. Also check the calendar when planning a trip, as Fredericton hosts a number of world-renowned festivals each year.


Located in Yukon and gaining the distinction as the biggest city in northern Canada, Whitehorse is a charming destination that has a nice selection of restaurants, cafes and hotels. The MacBride Museum boasts a selection of fascinating exhibits, while the Emerald Lake, Yukon Wildlife Preserve and Miles Canyon all supply a healthy dose of nature to experience. Not only that, but Whitehorse is also a great base from which to get around Klondike and even Alaska.


Well okay, this is technically a town and not a city. However, Churchill, Manitoba is definitely worth considering when on your travels through Canada. In particular, Churchill is well-known for being a place to watch polar bears and Beluga whales in their natural habitat, with the bears visible year-round while the whales are generally a summer occasion. Oh, and the spectacular Northern Lights are also observable between November and March.


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