5 Fun Things You Must Do With Your Kids This Summer


With summer now in full swing, it may be difficult to find ways to keep your kids entertained and engaged while school is out. The good news is, you don't have to travel too far or break the bank to make the most of the season. With a wide range of outdoor activities and local excursions likely just around the corner, here are 5 must-do things to have a blast with your kids this summer:

5 Fun Things To Do With Your Family

Build A Backyard Garden

It's not too late to get your hands dirty and dig a family garden. Gather your crew and discuss what possible flowers, vegetables, and fruits each person would like to grow and take a trip to your nearest home improvement center for seeds, tools, and helpful tips. Make some time each day to head outside and work in the dirt, and plan some fun and/or tasty ways to reap the fruits of your labor!



Volunteering is a wonderful way to get your kids involved in the community and feel good about helping those in need. Explore your local kid-friendly charities, shelters, and organizations and plan a weekly volunteer day. Whether it's tending to animals, visiting with the elderly, or serving nutritious meals to the less fortunate, you and your kids will be amazed at how fun it can be to lend a hand.


Explore Your Local Museums

A weekly museum outing is a fantastic way to explore the arts, culture, and history of your area, as well as the wider world. Look into your local art and natural history museums for fun day programs and tours that you and kids can participate in. Many regional spots, such as Utah's Dinosaur Museum, offer hands-on explorations of fascinating natural history which are sure to astonish your kids (and you!).


Hold A Curbside Sale

Every kid appreciates a little pocket money of their own, and what better way to fill up the piggy bank than host a garage sale or sell baked goods & lemonade. Help your kids clean out their closets and rooms of unwanted things, and throw a family yard sale. You can also guide them in selecting yummy recipes for a bake sale, as well as new spins on the traditional punches and lemonades. Set up a shady spot on the lawn and help them sell their delicacies. Keep the money they earn in a special place, and every few weeks let them splurge on a fun outing of their choice.


Camp Out

Whether you live by the sea, near the mountains, or in a desert region, camping is an exciting way to teach your kids about the great outdoors and make lasting memories. You can even set up a tent in your own backyard and have regular camp nights, inviting a few of your kids' friends over to share in the spooky stories, s'mores, and stargazing.


Helpful Tip: For those inevitable rainy days, keep a set of crafting projects on hand, along with games, books, and special movies set aside for just the occasion. If conditions are safe, take your kids out in their swimsuits to run around, stomp in puddles, and frolic in nature's own sprinkler system!


Overall, whether it's a camping trip or hour in the garden, the best summer activities are the ones that let you spend memorable time with your kids. The most rewarding pastimes can be as simple as preparing bake sale items or strolling through a museum. Check with your local library and community center for additional events and recreational outings, as many offer age-appropriate, free to low-cost summer programs.

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