5 Fun Surprises for Family Christmas Time


You’ve probably spent months getting ready for your family Christmas time. There’s something about the crisp air, the mistletoe, and all the lights that make the season so special. This year forget the socially acceptable things to do and give your family a surprise they will never forget. It doesn’t matter how big or small, just make sure you keep in the spirit of Christmas. If you need a few ideas, here are five ways to surprise your family this holiday season.

Take the Family to Cut Down a Christmas Tree

Gone are the days when people wander through the woods to cut down a tree. These days, most people have an artificial tree, or they go to a lot with pre-cut varieties. It can be a special treat then, to go into the woods and  Load the family in the car and bring along a chainsaw. Christmas is going to be old-fashioned this year, complete with sap and pine needles all around. Plus, the fragrant smell from a real tree is simply tranquil. Just make sure you bring the proper equipment and follow safety procedures.

Go Ice-Skating

Hot chocolate and a twirl around an ice rink go together. If your family has never been to one of these places, then they are in for a real treat. Many cities are bringing back ice skating because it’s an excellent way to celebrate the Christmas season. Who knows, it may become a favorite pastime of your clan.

Gift Them with the Vacation of a Lifetime

Why not give your family the vacation of a lifetime? Do they want to go skiing in the mountains of Vail, or do they long for the serene beaches of Hawaii? Wherever you go, being together is what matters most. Show them how much that matters to you by crafting the presentation of gift. Learning how to make a bow, can give a personal touch to any gift.

Teach Them the Art of Giving Back

While you can’t wrap this surprise in a package, you are giving something to your family that money cannot buy. There are always people that struggle during the holidays. Why not volunteer in a soup kitchen or make some goodies to pass out at the nursing homes? Your children will remember the looks of joy on each face as they give them these treasured gifts. Remember the golden rule that it’s always better to give than to receive.

Take Them to See a Christmas Play

Old-fashioned style Christmas plays are becoming hard to find. Still, there are a few places that put on great productions that the entire family can enjoy. Why not take them to see a spectacular play like the Nutcracker or Christmas Story? If you have a Broadway-style theater in your town, then they should have something magical playing that everyone will love.

Think outside the box this year to give your family the surprise of a lifetime. Most people look for the big shiny things to wow and amaze; however, sometimes spending quality time with one another is the gift that means the most.

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