5 Fashion Accessories You Can’t Live Without


Every mom wants to look and feel her best. When you’re ready to go out and meet the world, you want to dress like you’ve been to the salon. There are many ways to dress but there are three fashion accessories you can’t live without, if you’re going to look your best. Each of these will put the spring in your step and make you feel fearless.

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1. Your jewelry

Every time you walk out the door, you’ll want to be sure you have the most affordable and fashionable jewelry for you. These pieces should be personally selected by you to fit your own style. If you shop online, you might want to check out ItsHot.com to find the style you desire. They have a wide selection and affordable prices. From earrings to necklaces to rings to brooches, you can find exactly what you need. It won’t break your budget either. Gold and diamonds are always a girl's best friend and go with almost any outfit.

2. Shoes

Many women don’t consider shoes to be an accessory because accessory implies you don’t have to wear it. But there are some shoes that are just beautiful and make any style into an elegant ensemble. When considering shoes, be sure to know what your occasion is. If you’re going to be sailing on the ocean, you wouldn’t want to wear your stiletto or wedge shoe. A nice boat flat would be fashionable with a pair of shorts and striped t-shirt. If it’s a business meeting, sensible court shoes in muted colors work well. If your business suit is navy, you might consider adding a splash of color at your feet with a pair of hot pink loafers. Just because you’re in a meeting doesn’t mean you can’t show your personal style.

3. Belts and scarves

You may not realize it, but belts can create a slimming effect on your torso, so don’t forget this accessory when you’re creating your style. You should have at least four belts to go with all occasions. One that is business ready. One that is wide and full of sparkles for nightlife. One that is canvas and works well on shorts or jeans. And finally a fine leather belt that will pop on that evening dress you decide to put on for your date. Neck scarves are still a solid choice for winter wear as well. Choose colorful ones that accentuate your style and bring the whimsy of your personality out. Cashmere scarves are soft, warm, and moisture resistant. They also last a very long time when well taken care of.

4. Clutch or purse

The most important accessory a woman can carry is her clutch or purse. Depending on the occasion, you may want to choose from shining rhinestone clutch for that glittery gala you’re attending. You may also want to consider a Michael Kors Small Heart Box Clutch in soft pink if you want to impress the man in your life. If you’re a mom with toddlers you may want to carry something that will hold most of what you need to take care of your children, in which case, a diaper bag that looks like a tote is the perfect accessory to carry to the park while your kids play.

5. Smartphone covers and accessories

In this age of electronics, the smartphone has become an item that can’t be lived without. But you don’t have to carry around a boring black or blue smartphone that doesn’t match your outfit. These days, it’s inexpensive to get a cover for any occasion. And depending on your smartphone choice, Android or Apple, you have a wide variety of cases to choose from. Additionally, you can choose some great accessories like the popsocket and attachable lenses for you camera. Of course, no smartphone is complete without a selfie stick. The most important smartphone accessory you can buy however, is a battery. You don’t want to be caught without a way to contact family or take that incredible photo and post it online.


These accessories will put the finishing touches on any outfit. You’ll be able to create your own style and enjoy feeling great.


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