4 Ways to Make Your Home Less Overwhelming to Clean


Quick and Easy Kitchen Cleanup

Whether you work a lot or participate in other activities that take your time up, finding time to keep up with cleaning can catch up with you. Here are four suggestions to help you keep up with clutter.


Set your phone timer for 15 to 30 minutes. And then clean one part of the house until the timer goes off. Then, give yourself a break. This cleaning method works well if you have a condition that limits your stamina.

Have the Right Equipment Ready

You can start your housekeeping chores by rounding up the right equipment. Make sure your vacuum’s dirt canister has been emptied for the best suction results. Find your extension cords, so you don’t need to carry equipment around from place to place. If you need a set of sturdy extension cords that can take on cleaning chores, check out specialty shops, like Americord. Grab a rag moistened with a disinfectant. Then clear off surfaces in your house. You’ll need a trash bag. Toss the garbage clutter, put items away in that area, and wipe it down. If you have bills or other things that need to be dealt, put them all in one area out of sight, or put them in an additional garbage bag. Start by only cleaning the surfaces in the living area or the kitchen if the whole house sounds like too much.

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Clean the Stink

If you have a smelly part of your home, take a minute or two to deal with the smell. If you don’t notice the smell because you became nose blind, some places to sniff for stink include the:

  • The area around the garbage can
  • A bathroom or any area where there are dirty socks and clothing
  • Any space where the pets hang out. Especially keep the kitty litter box clean.
  • Storage areas in the kitchen where decaying food resides

Many people who hate to clean discover that the timer method inspires them to clean more.

Clean the Floor

Whether you decide to clean one floor or several, a clean floor remains a rewarding way to make your house look better. Put the extra-long extension cord on your vacuum and vacuum without stopping.

Be nice to yourself. Everyone gets behind in cleaning at times. No matter what you decide to work on first, choose one area to clean and get started.


  1. Twingle Mommy on

    Choosing one area to work on is my best advice. It can seem overwhelming to think of cleaning the whole house!

  2. Soozle (Suzie B) on

    I really like the idea of setting a timer to give yourself a break. I will need to try that as I feel I am behind with the summer holidays in full swing!

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