4 Tips to Making the Best Child Safe Kitchen


4 Tips to Making the Best Child Safe Kitchen

The kitchen is the most dangerous room in your home where young children are involved, and some experts recommend they not be allowed to be in there. However, a parent will usually have to spend time in the kitchen preparing and cooking meals, and the child will want to be there, also. Additionally, that room is often the central point of the family's activities and entertainment, so much time is spent there. Following are a few tips on things to do to make the kitchen as child-safe as possible.

Give Them a Child Safe Seat

Put the child into a high chair securely strapped in or into a playpen that the child cannot escape from so that he or she cannot roam around in the kitchen and get into mischief. Have some toys or simple food like dry cereal there to help to occupy and amuse the child if watching the parent isn't enough to keep the attention riveted.


There may be some kitchen remodeling that needs to be done in order to have special child safety locks that will automatically refasten each time a drawer or cupboard is closed. The best thing is to have a professional kitchen remodeling company's knowledgeable and experienced team come in, review your kitchen, and make suggestions of what all should be done to protect your child if you are going to let him or her be on the floor and move around freely.

Clean Correctly

Realize that strong cleaners, dishwasher soap, furniture polish, and many other products are dangerous to a child, so rather than store them under the sink, put them into a high cabinet that cannot be reached. Never put dangerous substances into any containers that look like they might hold food as this could tempt a child to try tasting it. Poisoning can be caused by single-use and concentrated laundry detergent packets where even a small amount of the powder or gel could cause serious problems. If your child puts one in his mouth or gets any in his eye, immediately call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Where possible, try to find child safe cleaners that don’t leave dangerous residue where your child could get it.

Secure Dangerous Sharps

Keep any sharp instruments, scissors, knives, forks, and other such items and small appliances separate from “safe” kitchen utensils such as pots and pans that the child can pretend to be “drums”, and put the unsafe ones in a latched drawer or cupboard. Be sure there are no dangling electrical cords that your child can reach and possibly pull a heavy appliance down.

Watch your child carefully and head off any possible risks as you see what claims the attention of the youngster. It is your job to guarantee your child's safety.


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  1. Christian Alcantara on

    It could be nerve-racking at times whenever kids are in the kitchen, there’s just a lot of pointy stuff out there. Baby proofing is the way to go.

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    Serving delicious food is important, but it just as important to ensure the food you serve is safe to eat. If your commercial kitchen equipment is not properly maintained, it can become dirty and covered with harmful bacteria. 

  3. Rita C. Donnel on

    Great Tips!!
    This is first I have read your blog. I love your outlook and child safe kitchen management ideas. I can’t handle my greed to apply your ideas. I will apply these tips sharp. Very helpful presentation to me. Thank you for the excellent sharing.

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    You need proper storage and cabinets for your tools to make sure it is safe from the hands of children.

  5. Wonderfully shared post! Kitchen is the most eventful place in my home as I love to cook for my wife and kid. I agree on making sure that the kitchen is cleaned correctly and always use a child safe cleaners.

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