4 Great Tools for Homemade Baby Food


When a baby is ready to start solid foods, it is an extremely exciting time for both you and the baby. It is an opportunity to introduce new flavors and move on to the next step of their development.

It is easier than you might think to make your own baby food rather than buy the store-bought kind. How do you get started? Besides having the recipes on hand, the first step is to make sure you have the proper tools to get the job done.

You do not necessarily have to invest hundreds of dollars on an expensive food processor. There are common kitchen tools that are adequate for creating delicious recipes efficiently.

Below, we will discuss four tools that you can use to make your own baby food.


A blender works very well for turning food into a puree. There are many textures that you can get from a blender depending on the capacity your baby has to eat them. This tool is not just about preparing smoothies, there is a variety of recipes you can try that require the help of a blender.

One example is using your blender to create a paste made from nuts that can be served alone or with soft items such as a banana. Almonds are a great way to feed your baby quality protein. They can be soaked for a few hours and popped into the blender until they become a smooth paste. You can add flavors such as citrus or blueberries.

Vegetable Steamer

There are many types of food steamers on the market. You may use an electric steamer or a traditional cooking pot duo. Steaming the food before blending will create a different depth of flavor while making it easier for your baby to swallow.

Ice Cube Trays and Plastic Wrap

A very efficient way to make baby food is by making a big batch and freezing it. You can pour your prepared mixture into an ice cube tray and seal it with saran wrap. You can also purchase ice cube trays with locking lids that make stacking them easier.

Different compartments of the trays can be used to store a variety of ingredients. One tray may be mash potatoes, as another tray can hold mixed vegetables.

When you are ready to serve, you just pop out the desired portions from the ice cube trays and heat. Most ice cube trays hold a one ounce serving per cube. It saves a lot of time and makes the whole process much easier.

Reusable Pouches

These convenient bags make it quite easy for you to carry your baby's food on the go. You can store the baby purees in the pouches and keep them in the freezer until you are ready to use them.

They are great for keeping your baby fed during outings, daycare, or even at home when you have made a large batch you want to use over the upcoming weeks. Reusable pouches are much better than zip-lock bags, they are less toxic and are also an eco-friendly option.

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