3 Tips For Preparing Your Family To Move Into A New Home


Part of the American dream is to own your own home. But for many families, staying in a rental property is a necessity until they can find and afford a home that will work for them. So if you’ve finally made this all-important purchase and are about to be moving into a new home, you might be feeling both excited and overwhelmed. To help ensure that you and your family can make this transition seamlessly, here are three tips for preparing your family to move into a new home.

Get Near The Right Schools

If you have a family with school-aged children, one of the top priorities you should be considering when buying a new home is getting near the right schools. Most cities have at least a few different options for schools, and some might be markedly better than others. So before you settle on the home you’re going to be living at for the next few years, make sure you do some research about what school your kids will be attending and how that might affect your lives. According to Marian White, a contributor to Moving.com, you can get a lot of good information about schools simply by searching the right websites.

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Plan To Have The Locks Changed ASAP

In your excitement to be buying your own home and moving in, you might forget to take certain precautions for the safety of your family. One of these safety measures that might slip your mind is to get the locks changed at your new home. To keep out anyone who shouldn’t be having access to that house anymore, Courtney Craig, a contributor to House Logic, recommends that either you plan to change the locks yourself the first day you’re in your new place or you hire a locksmith to come over and take care of this for you.

Hire A Cleaning Service

If you’re moving from a rental property to your own home, you’re likely going to have a lot of cleaning that you’re going to need to take care of. Not only are you going to need to leave your rental clean once you move out, but you’re also going to want to deep clean your new house both before and after you get all of your belongings unpacked. To take this stress and pressure off of yourself, Ray Boss Jr., a contributor to U.S. News and World Report, suggests that you hire a cleaning service to take care of this for you. While this will be a bit more expensive than doing all the cleaning on your own, you’re going to have enough on your plate as it is without having to worry about deep cleaning every square inch of two properties.


If you’re planning to move out of a rental and into your own home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you and your family do this most effectively.

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