3 Reasons Why You Need A Will!


Family Values 3 Reasons to Have a Will


3 Reasons Why You Need A Will!

Most people understand – or think they understand – the purpose of a will. It's a document that tells others what you want to happen to your belongings after you die. Some people believe they don't need a will because they don't have a lot of money or property or because they don't think what happens to their things after they are gone matters much. These attitudes, though, are somewhat short-sighted. Leaving a will can be the kindest thing you can do for your family.

Avoid Family Conflict

When a loved one dies without a will, survivors often fight over money and property. Even things of little financial value become objects of contention. For instance, who gets Dad's Purple Heart from the Korean War or who gets Mom's favorite poodle? You can help your family avoid such squabbles by drawing up a detailed will stating your preferences. Also, if there is a person, such as an adult child, whom you do not wish to receive any of your belongings, you can make that clear by mentioning the person's name in your will and leaving them “my love and regard.”

Care for Minor Children

A will can deal with more than just your property. If you are the sole parent or custodian of minor children, you can also use your will to arrange for their care. This is especially important if you want someone other than a close blood relative to care for your child or children. Some parents, for instance, want an unrelated godparent rather than a grandparent or aunt or uncle to raise their children in the event of their deaths. Others may want their dependents cared for by an unmarried partner or a close friend. All of this can be arranged by leaving a will.

Protect Your Relationship

If you are in a relationship with someone but not married to him or her, that person has no legal right to any of your money or your property if you die. If you want your partner to inherit any of your property – your home, for instance – you need to write a will specifying your wishes.

Even if you are young and healthy, there are no guarantees in life. It's a good idea to visit with an attorney like those at Kitchen Simeson Belliveau LLP. and have a will drawn up.

Leaving behind a will can reduce conflict within a family, help provide for your minor children, and protect the rights of an unmarried partner.

Have you taken the time to create a will?

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