10 Trendy Items to Add to Every Home Decor


Are you ready for a change in your home? You don't have to renovate your house too much to achieve a fresh new look. Actually, in home decor, it is often the little things that matter: the details, the accessories, the antiques. You'll be surprised to see how different and cosier your rooms will be after adding some new bits and pieces. That's why we've collected all these trendy items that you`ll want to get your hands on if you're dreaming about a stylish house. Here are 10 of our best home design ideas.

 Get your hands on these trendy items to add to your home decor


1. Cool piece of art

Everybody needs art in their life. It is something personal which speaks to you in your own language. That's why its place is by your side at home. Find your own beautiful piece of art and put it somewhere where you can see it every day. It can be a painting, a sculpture or even something functional, such as tableware.

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2. Pillow with a print

There is a popular saying which states that less is more. That is why we recommend that you choose monochromatic furniture. However, we also agree that if everything in a room is in one colour it will certainly be a bit dull. Pillows with a cute artsy print will bring balance to your interior. They will freshen up the setting and at the same time help you avoid being too kitschy.


3. Designer flatware and dinnerware sets

Dinnerware is a must in every home, but if you want to throw a special celebration, it is even more essential. Get yourself some luxury dinnerware sets which you can bring out on any occasion. It doesn’t matter if it's for an anniversary, or just a regular Tuesday evening on which you feel like celebrating, a designer dinnerware set will turn every meal into a luxurious and sophisticated experience.

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4. Candles all around

Fire has the amazing ability to make every room feel cosy and romantic. The cold season is over but we can still enjoy the beautiful warmth of flames. A nice wax candle can brighten up your room and bring a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere to it. Besides, there are candles that have more than one use, like the ones that protect you from mosquitoes.


5. Something green: Real plants

The colour green has the ability to relieve stress and to help you heal. You can't go wrong with some green details in your home. Add some vibrant natural elements by putting a few potted plants. They are not only a beautiful home decoration, but can also calm you down and freshen up the air. After all, oxygen can never be superfluous!


6. An antique

Nothing makes a home more fascinating than an item with a story. A beautiful antique will add personality to your place. You probably even have one without realizing it. Before going to the antiquities shop you might want to check your closet for forgotten family treasures.


 Rearrange what you already have to add to your home decor

7. Get your books out

Nothing makes a place feel like home more than your own items, arranged with taste and love. Your books contain tales of your favourite universes, so why don't you display them properly? It doesn't matter if it is a beautiful collector's edition or one inherited from your grandparents – books make every place look more interesting and relaxing.


8. Design a dining room bar

Turn your dining room into a place for a party. Display your bottles in a bar cabinet and set up your own bar corner, where your guests can sit on high chairs and drink cocktails after the dinner. With a home like this, why would you need to go out on Friday evenings?


9. Hang out some family pictures

We live in a digital era, where taking photos is so easy! We set the photos as wallpapers on our computers and phones, but we rarely see them printed on real paper. Here`s an idea: choose your best family photos and put them in beautiful frames. The best decoration for your home is the sweet memories with your most beloved people.


10. Display your old treasures

Old postcards, wedding invitations, children's drawings and even concert tickets … these items may be small, but if they have a place in your heart, they have a place in your home too. Everything in your interior should make you feel comfortable and remind you of the happiest moments in your life. Instead of hiding those items in boxes, you can pin them on a cork board. The best part is that you can always add new moments to your “happy mood board” and upgrade the design.



There is no place like home! Especially if you`ve decorated it with so much effort, love and individuality. A style is defined by your own ability to express yourself and we hope that our list of 10 trendy items has given you some great ideas on how to do so.

Anna is the founder and chief designer of AnnaVasily, a boutique platform for exclusive designer tableware based in Australia. Starting her career in France where she learnt the art of silver coating, glass engraving and the secrets of the Venetian mirror making, Anna got more and more

passionate about glass. She went to the States and graduated in Boston to later come back to Europe and work for various workshops. In 1992, the nostalgia brought her and her husband back to Greece, where they started their own production. Since 1999, the company has been collaborating with hotels and restaurants as well as some industry starts like Gordon Ramsey, but only in 2017, Anna created the brand AnnaVasily as it is today.

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