Track Your Journeys on Water Effortlessly


Everyone loves cruising in crystal clear waters! The feel of the warm sunshine against your body, and the breeze ruffling your hair is unexplainable! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional, watersports is for everybody.

In this tech-centric world, there might be this question running through your mind, “When you have fitness trackers for morning jogs and walks, why not have a tracker designed for paddling?”

Your question just got answered. Get a hold of this amazing app that tracks your paddling activity effortlessly.  SUP News says it’s easy to use, and is accessible to GPS tracking along with more innovative features.

Track Your Journeys on Water Effortlessly


An ideal app for paddle boarders – Paddle Logger

Paddle Logger simplifies the tracking experience whilst retaining all the functionality! It has innovative features that are unique to the Paddle Logger. The app is for you, whether you’re training for a season of racing or heading out on a multi-day expedition.

Enter the Paddle Logger

David Walker is a hard core paddler and creator of the app. The app is designed “for paddlers by a paddler.”  David was passionate and restless to contribute to the community at large.

Paddler Logger is designed for use by rank newbies to professional athletes. The app might be simple, yet significant and functions to track paddle from point A to point B.

Intelligence personified

The technology that surrounds you has become intelligent to serve you better! Paddle Logger is equal parts of intuitive and intelligent.  It has a big, bold button to start. All you need to do is let the app start tracking. The advantage of having a large “Start” button is its ease of operation.

You don’t have to worry about removing your gloves in the cold, winter months to start the app! The button is placed in the center of the screen for easy accessibility, and works perfectly well with your gloves on

Another notable function is the app’s “Delayed Start” feature. Hit the “Start” button and store the phone in a waterproof case or in a dry bag and get aboard! This greatly reduces the risk to your device.

If you need some time before you start paddling, set the time and then head out. When the time that you have set is up, the tracking begins with a beep or vibration.

Measure your performance

The “Makers” feature enables to recording your paddle times over a distance accurately. Drop the pin at the beginning and end of a section to record time. If you have a regular route, you’ll be able to gauge your performance to see if you have improved or not. You can measure the lap times during performance training by marking the start and end points of the lap.

Markers are handy when it comes to measuring performance over different conditions, such as upwind and downwind. Each trip that you log in the app comes with a comprehensive logbook. This includes a map, photo gallery, and notes section.

Once you have logged your trips over a period of time, you can access the digital logbook to analyze performance. Your performance can be different kinds of courses and challenges.  The best part is that you can share the logbook with your friends and peers. This could be a great way to keep in touch with the SUP community.

Record your location

When you first use the app, you’ll be asked for permission to use location services or not! If you select “No” the Paddle Logger won’t be able to record your location.

Just follow these simple instructions to record your location:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Scroll to Paddle Logger > Set Location Access to Always

What’s new about the app?

  • River and trip entries can be edited
  • Metric and imperial measurements are supported
  • App can be moved to SD card
  • Has graphical enchantments
  • Performance optimization

SUP News states that the Paddler Logger is an essential app for you. Its quick and easy-to-use interface, will keep track of your trips on the water. This app allows storing information quickly about your water escapades. You can track a wealth of information about your past trips and data on rivers with the Paddler Logger.

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