Time Zones and Staying Grounded


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I've been traveling a lot these past two weeks and have to say that time zones really mess with the internal clock.  I've been back and forth from my usual Mountain Time to Eastern Time and everything in between.  I always try to stay on my own time but sometimes that just isn't possible.  So what's the trick you might ask?  I don't have a real answer for you but I know it should involve lots of water, a good watch and Melatonin.

Time Zones and Staying Grounded

Being prepared before I leave the house and having the chores done, leaving a list of things for my husband to do and having a few meals in the freezer is always a life saver.  The best piece of advice I have is don't over schedule yourself and know when to delegate.

I know I'm throwing all this stuff at you but that's how life is you have to learn to roll with the punches

Time Zones and Staying Grounded

I have realized that leaving and traveling solo will never be perfect so I do the best I can in the moment and that's the most I can expect out of anyone.  A few things I use to keep organized so I don't feel like I'm in a state of chaos while on the road are:


This one is pretty obvious but with a schedule to manage, kids to check in on, time zones to cross and posts to write staying organized is always a plus.   A few helpful apps I use are:

  • Gmail
  • Dropbox – great for syncing photos
  • Google Maps – great for walking around and not getting lost and taking public transit also works with Uber!
  • Uber – the easiest and cheapest way to get around without using a taxi PLUS get your first ride FREE!
  • TripCase


I ALWAYS use a LifeProof case because you just never know when you're going to drop your phone, spill a water bottle in your purse or leave it outside in the rain (unfortunately I'm speaking from experience).  Noise canceling headphones like my Bose are always a bonus especially when you're stuck with a seat partner that just won't stop talking.

Mophie Juice Pack


I seriously have a panic attack when my phone is at 50% and I know I'm not going to have any downtime for a couple hours, lucky I always have my Mophie Juice Pack with me!  You can get it as a case, smaller sticks or the large one like I use.  I like being able to charge my phone a couple times with one device especially when I'm taking lots of pictures.

Compact Carry On Luggage

When traveling you never know when you might be delayed or get stuck somewhere.  I never check a bag and always go with a carry on because that way you can easily switch flights, hop on an earlier one or if you are stranded at least you can change into your comfy clothes!  I like to take a carry on that is compact and lightweight but still durable enough in case I do have to check it.

reebok skyscape huge sale

Good Walking Shoes

I'm in love with my Reebok Skyscapes they're perfect for at the airport, exploring new locations and can even pass for business casual depending on the color you choose!  Plus they're so light that they feel like you're wearing slippers all day.

Other then those couple of things don't overpack, use a list and lay your clothes out before you put them into your suitcase.  I find that I tend to overpack so I always make sure my outfits can be switched up and take one less outfit then originally planned.  It always helps to get some outside help because other people aren't attached to your packing list like you are.

My last and final tip – drink LOTS of water, take some Melatonin for sleeping at night and ALWAYS double check the hotel alarm clock.  I recently had the experience of having the hotel clock an hour behind actual time and I had to show up haggard to my events for the day, not the professional appearance I wanted to give.  And remember it's okay to have too much fun!


How do you stay grounded while traveling?


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