Teen Driving: The Importance of Teaching your Kids the Dangers of Reckless Driving


Teen Driving The Importance of Teaching your Kids the Dangers of Reckless Driving

As a parent, you understandably worry about how safe your teenage child may be behind the wheel. Teenagers lack the driving experience and skills that older drivers have, and this creates a potential safety concern. More than that, teenagers may be more prone to drive recklessly than other age groups, and there is additional risk associated with this. By understanding what these risks are, you can educate your children about why they should avoid reckless driving behaviors.

The Safety Concern
Reckless driving can include everything from driving at a high rate of speed to tailing other drivers, taking turns too quickly, weaving in and out of traffic and more. This type of behavior puts your teenage driver as well as passengers in the car and other drivers at the road at risk. Teenage drivers should be aware of the increased risk of physical injuries and even death that may result from reckless driving.

The Cost of Vehicle Repairs
Vehicle repairs can cost a fortune, and this is true from even a minor or moderate accident. Reckless driving increases the chance of an accident, and the teenage driver responsible for the accident may be responsible for damages to his or her car as well as for other damages caused by his or her actions. While insurance may pay for some of these repairs, you will be responsible for the deductible as well as for any damages not covered by insurance.

The Potential Liability Risk
When a driver causes an accident, there is a potential for a liability lawsuit against your child or even against you as the parent or guardian of that teenage. With a liability lawsuit, you may be sued for expenses related to vehicle repairs, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. The cost of a liability lawsuit can be significant.

The Possibility of Criminal Charges
According to Clark & Clark LLC., reckless driving is against the law. Teenagers who participate in this type of driving behavior may face charges for their actions. In some cases, this may include a misdemeanor charge with a fine. In other cases, the teenager may be convicted of a felony and may be required to serve time in jail.

As you can see, reckless driving can result in significant issues for your teenage driver as well as for your family. Some of these consequences can be costly and can have long-term impacts on your teen's future. By helping your child to understand the consequences associated with reckless driving, you can help him or her to make better decisions behind the wheel.


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