Spirograph Design Tin Set Review


We are all familiar with the original Spirograph of the 60’s, the Spirograph Design Tin Set from Kahootz Toys is still one of the most popular drawing toys on the market!

Designed by a mechanical engineer, the Spirograph has been fascinating and enthralling young artists for decades with its creative designs and beautiful creations.

Features of the Spirograph Design Tin Set

  • 1 ring, 7 wheels
  • 1 rack
  • Spiro Putty
  • 10 page guide book
  • 24-page design pad
  • Ages 8+ years
  • Stored in collectible tin

Is the Spirograph Design Tin Set Worth Buying?

The 10 page guide book is great for beginners but there is nothing quite as fun as playing with the different wheels and experimenting on your own with the Spirograph.  Luckily nothing has changed and the Spirograph is still amazing as ever.

One new feature is the Spiro Putty.  Some parents have reported being disapointed that the Spirograph Design Tin Set does not come with pins to hold the central ring in place like the original, the reality is that the Spiro Putty is far safer.  What's neat about the Spiro Putty is it protects the paper from being punctured with various holes.

The Spirograph Design Tin Set only includes one central ring, there is plenty of scope for creativity. If you prefer a larger set with more options there is a full size Spirograph Deluxe Design Set available.

As far as nostalgic toys go, the Spirograph Design Tin Set is one of the few that really hasn’t changed all that much over the years.

Did you have a Spirograph growing up?

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