Six Tips to Help You Choose the Perfect Mother of the Bride Outfit

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Your daughter is getting married to the man of her dreams and the wedding is inching closer – it’s a hugely exciting and emotional time for many moms. Of course, you can be sure that your daughter will be looking as beautiful as ever and basking in the limelight in her perfect wedding gown, but you’ll also want to keep up with a stunning mother of the bride dress. Choosing the perfect dress or outfit to wear for this momentous occasion can be tricky, as the last thing that you want is to steal the spotlight from your daughter on her big day, but you’ll also want to stand out as such an important person in her life, too. So, we’ve put together this guide to help you choose the perfect outfit for such a memorable and momentous day.

#1. Get Help from the Bride:

The best person to ask for advice on what to wear to her wedding is, of course, the bride herself! Before she gets too deep into wedding planning, it’s a good idea to sit down and have a chat about what she envisions for the big day. This will help you get a better idea of the type of colors and themes you’ll expect to see on the big day, making it easier for you to choose an outfit that’s going to fit in perfectly. Ask her which styles, colors and patterns you should try and avoid, to make narrowing down your perfect outfit easier.

#2. Choose Something You’re Comfortable In:

The first rule of choosing a mother of the bride dress is to opt for something that you are comfortable in. As a general rule of thumb, it should be fashion forward, but avoid materials that are itchy, or styles that are tight and restrictive – something comfortable to dance in is always a great place to start. And, make sure that it is a style that you are comfortable wearing, too – you don’t want to spend the day feeling self-conscious and not like yourself.

#3. Go with the Wedding Theme and Details:

As the mother of the bride, chances are that you’ll be privy to the information about the wedding before many of the other guests, which gives you an advantage when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit. For example, if the wedding is taking place on a beach or another outdoor occasion, you can pick something like a boho maxi dress or a floaty skirt and blouse set, while on the other hand, a wedding in an upscale venue or a church will call for something sleeker like a classy cocktail dress or a chic pantsuit.

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#4. Keep the Wedding Colors in Mind:

Along with the theme and location of the wedding, it’s important that you also consider the color palette of the big day when choosing your outfit. You won’t want to blend in with what the bridesmaids are wearing, but you don’t want to clash either, so choose a color that complements that worn by the bridal party. Choosing something in the same color family is a good idea; for example, if the bridesmaids are wearing lilac, then you would look stunning in a darker purple. There’s some beautiful mother-of-bride dresses available at Jovani; whether you are looking for a light or dark shade, a simple, elegant style or something more eye-catching and glamorous, they have some of the best mother of the bride dresses on the market right now.

#5. Don’t Be Afraid to Break Traditions:

Although it’s a traditional choice for the mother of the bride to wear a dress, don’t be afraid to go against tradition and do your own thing if it’s more comfortable for you. Maybe wearing a dress simply isn’t your thing, and that’s okay – any kind of formalwear is suitable for you as the mother of the bride and there are plenty of stunning options to choose from that will stand out from the crowd while reflecting your personal taste and style. If you feel more comfortable and confident in a jumpsuit, a pantsuit or a skirt and blouse set, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and wear that.

#6. Give Yourself Plenty of Time:

Shopping for the perfect mother of the bride outfit can be stressful, and no doubt you are going to see plenty of suitable outfits before you find the right one for you. So, give yourself plenty of time by getting started early; it’s a good idea to browse ideas online and get some options together before you hit the shops, so that you have a clear picture of what you are looking for in mind. You may want to wait until your daughter has chosen her and her bridesmaids dresses, so that you’re sure to pick one that fits in with the look.

Did you find these tips helpful? We’d love to hear all about your mother of the bride experience in the comments.

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