Practical Practices: New Home Tasks That Need To Be Done Right Away


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Moving into a new home comes with its own unique set of challenges, and a fair amount of stress! But viewing it like a whole new start can be empowering and enlightening instead of seeing it as a massive challenge. While it can be a big stress, and it is one of the most stressful things you can do, there are things that need to be done to ensure that once you have moved in, you can hit the ground running. Some are the basics, and some are really practical things that can save you a lot of money!

Change The Locks

You never know who was living in the property before you, and who has keys to the property. We can never be too careful now, so invest in some new locks and make your new home as secure as possible. You can install deadbolts for a little extra security, and if you want to save the money on hiring a locksmith, with a little creative googling you can install them yourself, but only if you feel really confident in doing it.

Check Your Plumbing

Although this should have been done by the home inspector, it doesn’t hurt to give the plumbing another check. The prime culprits are toilets and faucets. You should check your water heater for any signs of leakage, and by checking your water meter in a two hour window; you can potentially spot a leak you are unable to see. Don’t use any water in that time period, and if the reading on the meter has changed, you have a leak.

Get Insured

With all of the documentation that comes with buying and moving into a new home, you may overlook the importance of getting your property insured. Not only does having your property insured need to take priority in case something happens, but you should also have your possessions insured too. This also extends to getting warranties on your household items, like your fridge, oven, and other essentials you cannot live without for a long period of time. Look on to get information on items that should be covered under a warranty. By getting your items insured, you are able to get replacements on a like for like basis if anything should break down or get stolen.

Prevent Pesky Critters From Ruling The Roost!

You can invest in a pest removal service which can cost quite a lot, or you can buy some poison packets and place them around the house before you move in to get a lay of the land when it comes to all manner of creepy-crawlies.

Get To Know The Circuit Breaker Box

If you suffer a power cut in the middle of the night, you’ll need to know where the circuit breaker box is. It is more than likely you will have your trip switch go on occasion, and you will need to flick it back. Also by knowing what fuse controls which room, you may save yourself a shock!

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