Office Upkeep: 4 Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Building


Owning a commercial property comes with major responsibility, and maintenance is just part of the package. Aside from regular upkeep, there are a lot of smaller tasks that can get overlooked and negatively impact your company’s first impression on visitors.

Follow these four tips to keep your property looking great and everyone who works in it upbeat!

Hire a Landscaping Company

Trimming shrubbery, mowing and edging lawns by keeping the grass short and clean is just one way a landscaper can help maintain your property. Some companies may not focus much on the aesthetic of their grounds, especially if they own property in an urban area. But even if you don’t host sprawling gardens, a landscaping company like City Wide Fence Co can keep the grounds always looking clean and polished.

Working with a company also helps boost the local economy, so it’s a win-win!

Start with the Exterior

If you leave maintenance until problems arise, you can wind up facing a multitude of costly problems. But if you get into the habit of routinely keeping your building up to its highest potential, you save money and time.

The best thing to do is focus on the exterior of the building every time you see it. Are the windows clean? Are the walkways free of litter and unobstructed? Is the paint or finishing free of chips or cracks?

Control Waste Management

A dumpster in a back alley is easy to use, but it can quickly attract vermin and other insects such as roaches that infiltrate the building over time. Consider installing trash chutes if your building is multi-level, and keep things cleaner and eco-friendly by recycling and using green products whenever possible (such as recycled boxes and paper towels).

Never allow trash in the disposal area to litter the ground and ensure that bags are always tightly sealed and secured in the dumpster or waste receptacle.

Perform Annual Maintenance

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a property owner is only addressing problems when they arise; rather than having a major complication that disrupts business, schedule yearly HVAC and plumbing inspections. This dramatically reduces the risk of any hazardous emergencies and expensive repairs.

Commercial Property Ownership

While it may not be a task everyone’s up to, owning your own company is a major achievement. For many people, this is the pinnacle of their careers, but it’s really only the beginning of a long, rewarding journey. The best tip to keep in mind when it comes to building maintenance is to take things a day at a time; when you schedule all the “big picture” stuff in advance, you’re more capable of focusing on the day-to-day details that keep the property looking great and everyone happy to be there.


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