Must Read: My Saving Grace by Melanie Moreland


If you're looking for a book you won't be able to put down this weekend My Saving Grace by Melanie Moreland is the romance novel for you.

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Must Read: My Saving Grace

We all have those characters we love to hate and in My Saving Grace, Jaxon is just that guy! From hiding their romance from the office to clandestine weekends away you'll quickly get swept up in the love story of Grace and Jaxon.

Why I couldn't put My Saving Grace down

I love how Melanie brought back all my favorite characters from the Vested Interest series where BAM started and now they're transitioning into ABC Corp. All the pieces and lives intertwine together and make you fall in love with the story and characters all over again.

I adore how Grace brought out the softer and protective side of Jaxon in this novel. After their appearance in A Merry Vested Wedding, I knew I was easily going to fall in love with their story.

They are simply head over heels in love with each other but set in their ways. It takes a lot for both of them to realize what they want out of their relationship and a work trip to Vegas! You'll be left on the edge of your seat reading this book.

Final thoughts on My Saving Grace by Melanie Moreland

You don't have to read the other books in the Vested Interest series but you'll want to after you finish this one! Melanie has a way of making you fall deeper in low with the diverse characters from the previous books in the same story line. You'll definitely want to read her parents and how they fell in love in The Contract Series.

This book makes you truly appreciate the love of family and the importance of letting others in to your heart and life.

If you're ready for an epic read this weekend you'll want to add My Saving Grace by Melanie Moreland to your Kindle!

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